3 Factors Affecting Whiplash Settlement in Alberta

Even though Alberta injury law classifies whiplash as a “minor injury,” it can have a profound impact on you and your family in both the short and long term. While many whiplash injuries heal quickly, severe cases can result in chronic pain or even permanent disability.

After sustaining a serious injury, the most important thing is your health. It’s essential that whiplash victims receive complete, fair compensation for their injuries in order to access the care and treatment they need to recover. Unfortunately, whiplash settlement claims aren’t always resolved quickly. While straightforward claims may be settled right away, more complicated cases can take years to conclude. No two accidents are the same; countless factors can influence the time it takes to settle.

If you or a loved one has suffered whiplash, speaking to an experienced injury lawyer is the first step in attaining justice and the compensation you need to move forward. To help get you started, you’ll find three factors affecting whiplash compensation below.

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1. The Complexity of Your Case

Unsurprisingly, simple cases like rear-end collisions generally take less time to sort out than multi-vehicle accidents or other complex situations. When the facts about your accident are clear, documented, and accessible, it’s easier for all parties to sort through them and negotiate a fair settlement.

If you’re involved in an accident, it’s essential to get as much information as you can at the scene. Taking your own pictures, filing and obtaining a copy of the police report, and gathering as much information as possible at the scene can help your legal team build a strong case quickly.

2. The Severity of Your Injuries

Unfortunately for accident victims and their families, the more severe accident-related injuries are, the more likely a case will take a long time to be resolved. While many whiplash injuries are straightforward, serious consequences like chronic pain and disability can serve to further complicate the settlement process. Before awarding you the compensation you need, insurance companies will likely want to conduct thorough investigations into your injuries; the more complex your injuries, the longer this could potentially take.

If you or a loved one is seriously injured, always seek a complete diagnosis of your injuries as soon as possible. This means seeing a doctor right away, getting all applicable diagnostic tests, and updating them with any changes over time. When speaking with doctors or other medical professionals, be sure to provide as much detail as possible; the more information available about your injuries, the easier it will be to secure complete compensation for them.

3. The Size of Your Settlement

The more damages you seek for your injuries, the less likely an insurance company is to cooperate. If your case is worth a large sum of money, insurance companies may attempt to wait accident victims out, refusing to accept a settlement until Court dates are looming. They may also try to pressure you into accepting a smaller settlement than what you need for your long-term needs.

If you’re injured, the most important thing is ensuring you receive compensation for all of your needs. The right legal team will offer start-to-finish support throughout the legal process, providing the knowledge and resources you need to receive the settlement you deserve.

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