3 Myths About Personal Injury Law

Talking to a lawyer often seems very intimidating at times. Hiring a lawyer is unfortunately depicted as a luxury rather than a necessity, which causes most individuals to shy away from calling a lawyer, even under extreme circumstances.

You might think injury law is expensive, and contacting a lawyer will worsen the situation; however, calling a lawyer is the best decision you can make after a personal injury accident.

For almost three decades, James H. Brown and Associates have continued to maintain the title of the most trusted law firm all through Alberta. We have encountered several myths that our clients have expressed throughout the year, causing them to hesitate about getting legal counsel for their cases.

If you or your loved one is seriously injured and you’re debating whether or not you need legal support, we have debunked a few common myths that our clients have encountered below.

Myth: Injury Law Settlements Are Expensive

It’s not uncommon for individuals to express their fears regarding money when considering a personal injury lawyer. At this point in time, the victims are overwhelmed as they are usually running out of sick days and struggling with medical bills. We understand that this is a critical time for all personal injury victims, which is why at James H. Brown and Associates, we provide all our clients with a no-obligation injury claim evaluation. You can reach out to any member of our legal team 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Financial fear is a common stress point with all our clients; some even worry that they cannot afford a lawsuit. As a well-established injury law firm with over 250 years of experience and a large team of professional injury lawyers, James H. Brown and Associates operate on contingency bases. We do not charge our clients any fees until the settlement has successfully been claimed and only take a percentage of the settlement. Our main goal as a firm is to ensure that our clients get the settlement they deserve first.

Myth: “I Never Know What’s Going On With The Settlement When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer”

Given the complexity of Alberta’s injury laws and regulations, our clients often feel overwhelmed with the legal terms. More often than not, our clients worry that lawyers work to benefit themselves rather than focus on the clients’ best interests. At James H. Brown and Associates, our lawyers keep all clients updated at all times. Every decision made is discussed previously with the client, making sure that you have the final say over the direction of the case.

Myth: “As a Whiplash Victim, It’s Not Worth Seeking Settlement Because of The Whiplash Cap”

Whiplash settlements fall under Alberta’s minor injury cap. As of February 2022, the minor injury cap for pain and suffering damages is $5488 (may be adjusted over time due to inflation).

Our clients often voice out their concerns regarding whiplash, as they feel the claim won’t be worth it as the settlement is capped. However, the cap only limits “pain and suffering” damages to accident victims; it does not limit other types of compensation, including:

  • Long-term care expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Inability to perform essential tasks

Since those damages are not included in “pain and suffering,” our lawyers can help you gain the compensation you deserve. As of February 2022, Alberta’s minor injury cap for pain and suffering damages is $5488. This amount could be adjusted over time due to inflation.

James H. Brown and Associates have worked with clients in Edmonton, Grand Prairie, Calgary, and the province. If you’re unsure whether an injury lawyer is right for you, take our short quiz to find out!

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