3 Things to Understand About Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most traumatic events most individuals and families will ever experience. Moving forward towards healing and recovery can feel like an almost impossible task. Each year, James H. Brown and Associates represents numerous individuals who have suffered tragic life-changing spinal cord injuries. Often, we work with victims and families overwhelmed by the challenges that lie ahead.

However, there’s always hope. Over the last three decades, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting individuals and families through litigation and their journey to recovery; with the right support at your side, SCI patients can attain justice, secure compensation for their injuries, and move forward leading happy, productive lives.

Below, you’ll find three important things spinal cord injury victims and their families should understand about the road to justice, as well as James H. Brown and Associates’ commitment to fighting for your rights from start to finish.

1. The Long and Winding Road

There’s no way to sugarcoat it: the road to closure after a spinal cord injury can be long and challenging from a physical, emotional, and legal perspective. In addition to the dramatic changes an SCI will inevitably cause in your daily life, litigation proceedings for spinal cord injuries can take a long time. No two injuries or cases are the same; while some injury cases can be resolved quickly, the severity and far-reaching impacts of spinal cord injuries often mean that it can take months (if not years) for legal proceedings to successfully conclude.

With that in mind, it’s critical that SCI patients and their families seek legal representation right away. The sooner you call an injury lawyer after suffering a serious injury, the sooner you can get started on the road to recovery. That’s why James H. Brown and Associates makes getting sound legal advice fast and convenient.

Unlike many large law firms in Alberta today, James H. Brown and Associates’ injury lawyers are ready to speak with you right away. No call centres, no intake teams, just fast, direct access to the expert legal advice you and your family need. Having firsthand experience with the toll a severe injury can take, we’re committed to moving fast to support our clients.

2. Justice is Attainable

After any catastrophic accident, your legal team’s goal will to be to recover sufficient compensation to receive proper care and allow you and your family to live a healthy, independent lifestyle. It’s not always easy, but no matter what lies ahead, justice and closure are always within reach.

Since 1993, James H. Brown and Associates has continually set precedents for spinal cord injury settlements in Alberta. We have an unrivalled record of success standing up for accident victims and their families.

Learn more about James H. Brown and Associates’ success here.

*Past results do not guarantee future outcomes. Results and outcomes vary according to the facts of each case.

3. Support is Always Within Reach

Spinal cord injuries take their toll physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially on accident victims and their families. Support is critical; assembling a team to support you throughout the legal process can help ease these burdens, allowing you to focus on the road to recovery. “When I was injured, there wasn’t much out there for support,” recalls James H. Brown. “Today, we are dedicated to giving seriously injured people the support they need.”

With over 250 years of combined experience in Alberta injury law, we’ve learned that no two cases are alike. As such, James H. Brown and Associates proudly provides a complete range of support and resources for brain injury victims, including:

  • An award-winning team of injury lawyers with over 250 years of combined experience.
  • Complete accident investigation services, including accident reconstruction, evidence preservation, analysis, and more.
  • Access to medical and vocational professionals to fully diagnose your injuries, understand long-term consequences, and provide supporting documentation for your case.
  • Strong relationships with organizations dedicated to rehabilitation, recovery, and support.

Additionally, James H. Brown and Associates is proud to be part of a network of multi-discipline professionals to support you and your family from start to finish. We have a long-standing partnership with Spinal Cord Injuries Alberta, and are proud to sponsor their Resilience Kit to help people thrive throughout recovery.

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