Advice for Handling Seasonal Changes as a Motorcyclist

The freedom of a wide-open road and a motorcycle growling in your ears is a great way to enjoy the summer months. However, while riding your bike can be tremendous fun, there are a few precautions you should take to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. At James H. Brown and Associates, our team of experienced injury lawyers understands the joy riding a motorcycle can bring. However, we also know what it’s like when that joy turns to fear and confusion following a motorcycle accident. Below we’ll cover some ways to keep you and your loved ones safe while on the road this season and what you should do if a motorcycle accident happens. Continue reading to find out more!

Avoid Getting Injured While on the Road

Many people ride motorcycles as a hobby, primarily in the summer. However, if the weather is nice enough, they’ll extend their riding season into autumn to get the most out of their bikes. Here in Edmonton, our summer and fall seasons can have unpredictable weather that can make riding your motorcycle safely challenging. It’s essential to be aware of some of the following hazards to ensure your ride is as safe as possible:

  • Rain: If you get caught in the rain while out on your motorcycle, you’ll need to take extra precautions. Motorcycles can easily hydroplane, and slippery roads can dramatically increase the risk of crashes. So make sure to slow down and take extra care to leave room between cars. 
  • Fallen Leaves: When the leaves begin to change colour and fall, they can make our Edmonton streets beautiful but dangerous. Fallen leaves can make our roads slippery like rain. That means losing control of your motorcycle is that much easier. So be careful and reduce your speed when the leaves begin to fall.
  • Cool Weather: If the temperature decides to take a dip, make sure you’re wearing the proper attire for the weather. If you get too cold while out on your motorcycle and start to shiver, your limbs will stiffen up. This can make reacting to an unexpected situation challenging and, unfortunately, increases the risk of injury. So if you decide to go for a joy ride on a cool day, dress appropriately! 
  • Night Time: A late-night excursion on your motorcycle can be lots of fun. However, due to the limited visibility, it’s vital that you take it slow while out on the road. In addition to your motorcycle’s headlights, take advantage of street-lit roads and other vehicles’ headlights to show potential hazards on the streets like potholes or debris.
  • Frost: While it may feel too early to be talking about frost, here in Edmonton, our first frost can happen well before you expect it to. So if you notice frost, take extra precautions while out on the road as it can cause slippery conditions. 

In addition to these above tips, it’s vital that you wear the appropriate safety gear while out on your motorcycle. In some circumstances, the proper safety gear can spell the difference between life and death, as motorcycle accidents are typically more dangerous than car accidents. So it’s essential that if an accident occurs, you seek medical attention as soon as possible before reaching out to the motorcycle accident lawyers at James H. Brown and Associates. 

What to Do if a Motorcycle Accident Occurs

While being vigilant and cautious while out on your motorcycle can dramatically reduce the chances of getting into an accident, the unpredictable can happen no matter how careful of a rider you are. A distracted, drunk, or inattentive driver can easily cause an accident you couldn’t prevent. If you’re hurt in a motorcycle accident, seek medical attention immediately. Since motorcycle accidents tend to be more catastrophic, you must get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. After receiving medical attention, it’s best to call James H. Brown and Associates immediately. We have over 250 years of combined injury law experience helping people like you in car and motorcycle accidents. Our team works diligently to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for any injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering you’ve endured. Motorcycle accidents are severe. If you or a loved one has been in an accident, you deserve a team of personal injury lawyers who will work hard to guarantee you get the justice you deserve. 

Talk to the Heavy Hitters of Injury Law Today!

From new to experienced riders, motorcycle accidents can happen to anyone. A life-altering accident can result in serious injuries that often require expensive treatment. Recovery is challenging without the added stress of lost wages, medical bills, repairs, and more. That’s why it’s vital to partner with a personal injury law firm like James H. Brown and Associates. Our team is dedicated to supporting you and your loved ones through every step of your motorcycle accident claim, receiving justice and compensation, and getting back on the road to recovery.

If you or a family member has been in a motorcycle accident, contact us today to set up your free no-obligation consultation with James H. Brown and Associates!

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