In a poll conducted for FAIR AB by Nanos Research to gather opinions of Albertans on changing the auto insurance regulations the response has been resounding. Albertans spoke out loud and clear that they prefer the present fault-based system that provides accountability for bad drivers and allows injury victims access to the courts in pursuit of fair damages for their injuries.

“No-Fault insurance is bad for Albertans and poll results show Albertans know a bad deal when they see one,” says Trent Brown, managing partner of James H. Brown & Associates.  “Albertans know that under the proposed no-fault system insurance companies will be calling all the shots – a big windfall for insurance companies and a big loss for injured Albertans.  Without access to the courts there can be no justice.”

“Albertans need affordable auto insurance, accountability for drivers and insurance companies, and consumer protections to ensure the system is fair,” says Keith McLaughlin, spokesperson for FAIR Alberta. “No-fault is none of that and this research shows very clearly that Alberta consumers don’t want a no-fault model that would eliminate their right to access the court system and challenge decisions made by insurance companies.”

You can read more about the survey at https://fairalbertainjuryregulations.ca/albertans-reject-no-fault-insurance/

You can also read media coverage of the survey at CTV Calgary

If you would like to write your MLA voicing your opinion about auto insurance regulations and how the current system is working for you, visit FAIRAB.ca

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