Ask Us Anything: Do Injury Law firms Only Take Cases That They Know They Can Win?

Injury law is an area of law that gets a lot of public attention. People want to understand how injury law really works, what goes into opening a file, and the process in general. The average person who is injured in a motor vehicle accident often does not have a lot of experience in dealing with lawyers, especially not in the personal injury context in Alberta. All sorts of stereotypes in the media can sour people’s perceptions of what working with a lawyer entails. With this in mind, a common question that victims in motor vehicle accidents may ask is whether injury law firms only take on cases they know they can win. This is an excellent question, but to give you a good answer I will take you through how payment works and then speak about our approach to taking on cases.

How Does Payment Work in Injury Law?

James H. Brown & Associates takes on personal injury cases on what is call a “contingency basis.” This ultimately means that we do not get paid anything until you do. That is, you do not pay us anything for any of the work done on your case until the end, then we take a percentage of the settlement.

We also guarantee that if you do not get any money, you do not pay us anything.

So Do Injury Law Firms Only Open Cases They Know They Can Win?

The answer to this question is no, we will take on any case where we believe there is a valid claim with legs to stand on. Our firm has worked to advance access to justice for people from all walks of life who have been injured in serious accidents. We have worked to fight for the everyday person against large insurance conglomerates to ensure that our clients have access to the resources they need to take care of themselves. When you have an injury lawyer from James H. Brown and Associates in your corner, you can rest assured that we will fight tirelessly to ensure you get the settlement you deserve. Our injury law team has over 250 years of injury law experience.

A key consideration of this question is how far will an injury lawyer go to get the settlement that a client deserves. When we believe that client isn’t getting an offer that is consistent with what their case is worth, we will go to mediation, and we will continue to fight and take the case to trial if necessary.

Personal Injury Law Alberta – No Risk

Thus, clients have relatively little risk in commencing a personal injury action with our office. We don’t seek payment from our clients if we do not get them a settlement because we understand the dire straits that injured parties go through, and we want to alleviate any hardship on them to the largest extent possible.

Our Mission to Advance Personal Injury Law in Alberta

That’s why when you retain a James H. Brown and Associates precedent-setting injury lawyer you can rest easy knowing that your lawyer will do everything in their power to ensure that you get the best result possible. Because we see our clients’ struggles, ours is a practice built on compassion. We believe in justice at this law firm, and are always working to find ways to advance this. We are passionate about our craft and eager to serve you! We want to hear your story, we want to hear the issues you are facing, and we want to ensure that you receive an acceptable resolution and are not taken advantage.

Your lawyer will walk you through every step of the process, working to ensure we present the most robust case possible, and answering any questions you might have. If the insurance process has you lost, the lawyers at James H. Brown and Associates help guide you.

Let Us Help

When insurers are playing hardball, call the heavy hitters at James H. Brown and Associates Alberta Injury lawyers! We will go to bat for you! Call us today at 780-428-0088! Our lawyers are eager to assist you with getting access to the treatments and resources you need to recover from your car accident.

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