Brain Injury Awareness with James H. Brown and Associates

When stepping into our cars, we rarely think of how our trip might result in a brain injury. Unfortunately, approximately stats show that 45% of brain injuries are caused by motor vehicle collisions. At James H. Brown and Associates, we know that facing the reality of a TBI can be daunting; read on to learn more about TBI, what you can do to prevent it and how you can better support a loved one suffering from TBI.  

What Is A Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) typically result from a strong external force impacting the head, causing temporary or permanent impairments. TBIs can be diagnosed as severe or mild. Yet, while you cannot always detect a TBI by its physical symptoms or on diagnostic imaging, it can still have a significant impact on your physical health. 

Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury

Following a traumatic event involving the head, watch for symptoms that you may have sustained a TBI. Common symptoms include:

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Dizziness and balance problems
  • Difficulty remembering or focusing
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Vision changes
  • Behavioural changes like anxiety, depression, impulsivity or aggression

This is not an exhaustive list and is not meant to diagnose anyone. Make sure to visit a medical professional if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, have sustained head trauma, or think you may have a TBI.

How to Lower Your Risk from TBI

Drivers and pedestrians can practice extra caution when out on the roads. Alberta’s winter-summer transition periods can be brutal to navigate. With that in mind, there are things that one can do to lower their risk from TBI.

  • Obey posted speed limits.
  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Make eye contact with pedestrians crossing the road to ensure that they have seen you.
  • Use car seats and boosters that are CSA approved.
  • Never drive while under the influence, and never get in a car when the driver is under the influence.

Get the Help You Need

No one should have to deal with a car accident on their own. At James H. Brown and Associates, we have seen how physically and mentally straining it is for victims of accidents to fight for their rights while also working on their recovery.

Our team of experienced brain injury lawyers in Edmonton are committed to providing you and your family with the support and resources you need through every stage of recovery. We are dedicated to representing accident victims to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. 

Let Us Fight for You

Call us at our toll-free number +1 (855) 428-0088 to book a free consultation. You can also fill out our online form with details of your accident, and one of our personal injury lawyers will contact you as soon as possible. 

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