Cargill COVID-19 Class Action

Cargill COVID-19 Class Action 2021-01-12T22:20:35-07:00

Cargill COVID-19 Class Action

James H. Brown and Associates along with Guardian Law in Calgary have filed a  Class Action lawsuit against Cargill Meat Solutions due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak at their High River processing plant.


To date, over 900 employees have been tested positive for the virus, with at least one employee having died as a result of the outbreak. In addition to these numbers there have been families of staff members, or others who would have come in contact with Cargill employees.


Currently, this plant accounts for the largest workplace contamination of COVID-19 in Canada.


If you or your loved ones have been directly impacted as a result of Cargill’s actions, please contact us in the form below.

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