Common Misconceptions About Whiplash

Whiplash is a common injury in motor vehicle accidents, especially when involved in rear-end motor vehicle collisions. Many victims believe preconceived misconceptions about whiplash that prevent them from seeking the compensation they deserve.

Because not all whiplash injuries will improve with time, the lawyers at James H. Brown and Associates recommend you seek a lawyer any time you are involved in an accident resulting in injuries.

Whiplash is High-Impact Only

Some people believe that whiplash can only result from high-speed, high-impact collisions. In reality, whiplash injuries can occur at low speeds, even as low as 15km/h. Any collision can cause the head to extend suddenly, which is a movement that can often result in whiplash. Victims of an accident should never rule out whiplash until they’ve first confirmed with a medical professional.

Whiplash Symptoms are Immediate

Symptoms of whiplash don’t always appear right away. Some victims feel discomfort in their shoulders and neck shortly after the incident, while others experience pain days or weeks after the event. Since symptoms of whiplash can take time to appear, whiplash can be tricky to diagnose. Always seek immediate medical attention, and keep your medical professionals informed of any developments regarding your injuries.

Speak to an Expert

Whiplash injuries can fall under the Government of Alberta’s “Cap,” meaning minor injuries are still claimable. If you are experiencing the repercussions of whiplash due to an accident, financial help can ease your journey of recovery and it’s important to speak to a professional to get assessed and treated properly.

Get Started on Your Claim

If you suspect you have a whiplash injury, seek immediate medical attention to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment for your injuries. Make sure to document all tests, prescriptions, medical bills, and physical damages related to your accident. The more detailed of a statement you can give your lawyer, the easier it is to get you the compensation you deserve.

After seeking medical care, contact a lawyer before speaking with an insurance company. Remember that in the event of any car accident, you are under no obligation to provide a statement to the insurance company without first speaking to a personal injury lawyer. Contacting an experienced whiplash lawyer will help you understand your legal options and have an expert on your side to help you file your claim.

Looking for a Whiplash Injury Lawyer?

Don’t miss out on filing a claim: get fair compensation for your injuries. Our lawyers at James H. Brown and Associates would love to assist you in obtaining rightful compensation. With over 250 years of combined personal injury experience, our award-winning team of whiplash injury lawyers is ready to help you and your family recover from this and get the fair compensation you need to aid you along the way. 

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