Everything You Need to Know About SEF 44 Endorsements

When you are injured in a severe motor vehicle accident you may end up with injuries that can result in a permanent degree of impairment. In personal injury cases, one of the goals is to obtain compensation for the injured party to try and accommodate for new physical limitations. For instance, when a party is injured and can no longer do chores or no longer work they may be able to make a claim for an amount to address this. More often than not the injured party doesn’t need to worry about whether the other party can pay when the injured party wins the case.

However, it is not necessarily uncommon to run into a situation where the other driver lacks insurance or does not have enough insurance. In such cases, the injured party may not be able to recover the full amount that they are entitled to at law from the defendant party.

When would I need an SEF 44 Endorsement?

You might be asking “how do you address this?” The answer is through something called an SEF 44 endorsement. This is an add-on to your standard insurance policy that enables you to recover the excess of your claim by suing your own insurer. The SEF 44 can even apply in certain instances when you are struck as a pedestrian, you are the spouse of an SEF 44 holder, or you are the dependent relative of an SEF 44 holder.

It bares noting that the limits on recovery from the SEF 44 are the extent to which SEF 44 coverage exceeds any other insurance policy, or bonds, or cash deposits, or financial guarantees required by law in lieu of insurance of the inadequately insured that are in play.

In any event, the SEF 44 can be a lifesaver for some parties and can be a worthwhile way to maintain your own peace of mind, though there are technicalities to its operation. If you are the holder of an SEF 44 policy and need to recover from an accident we can assist with navigating that process! Call us today for your free consultation!

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