Everything You Want To Know About Dash Cams

Dash cameras are becoming more common on highways in today’s day and age. People often wonder what the significance of a dash camera would be for a personal injury action. They ask is it worth getting a dashcam? Will it help me if I get into a car accident? The answer is that dash cameras can be very helpful tools, they can help generate evidence that can be used in your personal injury case.

Imagine This Scenario

For example, imagine a situation where a driver purports to make a left turn on an advance green arrow turn light. In the course of this left turn the driver is T- boned by oncoming traffic, the left-turning driver as a result suffers terrible injuries which impair their ability to work and provide for themselves and their family. The driver is understandably terrified, making matters worse is that the driver who struck the left-turning driver now says that they were facing a solid green light at the time of the accident. There are no witnesses to the collision. In such an instance liability can be a very contentious issue. Whether the light was green or advanced green will determine who is at fault for the accident. A driver making a left turn on a solid green light is only permitted to do so when the turn can be made in safety. This means that if the light is held to be solid green by a court, then the left-turning driver would typically be held at fault. Meaning they would not be able to recover from their personal injuries from the other driver or their insurance. In fact, they would face the risk themselves of being sued by the driver who T-boned them.

Dash Cam Footage Could Be Critical

In such a situation, a dash camera can be an indispensable tool. A dash camera can serve to capture the issue in dispute, here this would be what the traffic light was displaying as the left-turning driver made their turn. This can make liability significantly less contentious and helps the left-turning driver to make a stronger case as they pursue damages for the injuries that they suffered from the accident.

Another Dash Cam Example

Another example might be where a driver rear-ends another driver and alleges that the driver who was rear-ended made a lane change without a signal, again no witnesses. Generally, in a rear-end collision it will be assumed that the following driver is liable. But in our example where the said driver has a dash cam, they may now be able to show that the driver that was rear-ended changed lanes without a signal. Now the driver who has rear-ended the other vehicle may not be found to be at fault (or entirely at fault as the case may be) and may be able to advance a successful claim for personal injuries suffered.

Consider A Dash Cam For Your Vehicle

In short, dash camera footage can be exceptionally helpful in certain cases for proving liability against the other driver. They can be very important tools in making out a good case, which means it’s more likely that you will see success as you attempt to recover compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered. You can read about the best-reviewed dash cams for 2022 here.

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