Get The Facts About Switching Personal Injury Lawyers in Alberta

Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident? Have you already started a case but are finding that your current counsel is not meeting your expectations? Is your lawyer irresponsive? Or maybe irresponsible? Sometimes clients may find that their current lawyer is not living up to the standards they would like to see in an effective legal advocate. We’ve heard it all before, you want someone who is willing to fight for you, someone who will go up against your insurer and come out on top. Maybe you are unable to work to the extent you once were or maybe you cannot work at all. Maybe your insurer is withholding benefits or refusing to pay for treatments. Effective legal counsel is key to being able to obtain the compensation you need to ensure you can maintain an adequate standard of living and get the treatment that you need to recover. Below we have provided answers to several questions about switching personal injury lawyers in Alberta that come up frequently.

Can you switch personal injury lawyers?

Yes, you can. Once a commencement document, pleading, affidavit or other document is filed by a lawyer however they typically become the “lawyer on record.” There are specific steps that must be taken to change your lawyer once this has occurred.

What scenarios may entice you to consider switching personal injury lawyers?

Some clients may run into lawyers who fail to respond in a timely manner, act in a disrespectful manner, or fail to stand up to opposing counsel in a manner to be expected from a strong advocate. You need a lawyer that will act professionally and advocate on your behalf in an assertive and effective manner.

Do you have to tell your existing lawyer that you are dismissing them?

If you decide to change lawyers, our firm will take the necessary steps to inform the appropriate parties for you including serving notice on your former counsel.

What if you owe your old counsel outstanding fees?

The ability to transfer your file may be subject to outstanding fees you owe to your old counsel which may be enforced depending on the circumstances. This means that depending on the circumstances you may have to pay accounts prior to switching lawyers.  

What you need to know about changing personal injury lawyers

If you believe that your counsel is failing to live up to your standards, call us today we may be able to assist you with switching lawyers and getting the compensation that you deserve.

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