Guide to Sharing the Road with Vulnerable Road Users: Motorcycle Rider Edition

Motorcycle accidents are more common than you think. As the weather in Edmonton starts to warm, you’re more likely to encounter motorcycle drivers on the road. Since motorcycle riders are vulnerable road users, motorists should be cautious when sharing the road in the warmer months. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents continue to occur each year. Keep reading to see how you can do your part to prevent this.

Sharing The Road with Motorcycle Riders

While motorcycles are equipped with turning signals, they can often be hard to see. With the small vehicle size in combination with this, there are a few things you should consider when sharing the road with motorcycle riders:

  • If motorcycle riders intend to change lanes or turn, they will turn on their signal and do a shoulder check. If you can’t see their turn signal, watch the rider for clues
  • In heavy traffic or in lower light it can be difficult to see oncoming motorcycles. Keep an eye out for oncoming motorcycle riders at all times.
  • When sharing the road, never share the same lane. A motorcycle rider needs the entire lane to travel safely despite the vehicle size.
  • Motorcycle riders often move within their lanes to avoid potholes and other road hazards. Be aware of their movement and always maintain a safe distance.
  • While motorcycles are equipped with brake lights, they can come to a sudden stop very quickly, so always allow extra space between your vehicle and the motorcycle. 
  • Motorcycle riders are prone to poor weather and road conditions as are motorists. Be aware of any road hazards, and drive safely.

Motorcycle Rider Safety

As a motorcycle rider, it’s your responsibility to protect yourself by following Alberta’s Rider’s Guide. Ensure your safety when sharing the road with motorists by following these tips:

  • Motorcycles are often smaller than most vehicles and can be difficult to see on highways and in parking lots, so always ride with caution.
  • Position yourself where other drivers can see you and stay out of their blind spots
  • Wear bright colours or reflective clothing when sharing the road with motorists. Bright clothing will let motorists know that they’re sharing the road with a vulnerable road user.
  • Wearing a helmet in Alberta is the law. Always make sure you’re wearing the proper helmet according to Alberta’s traffic rules and regulations.
  • When crossing intersections, look twice for motorists and always use your turn signals.

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