How Does an Injury Lawyer Assist with Your Car Accident Claim?

Becoming a car accident victim can be a sudden, frightening and challenging experience. One moment you or a loved one is going about the day as you typically would, then before you know it, your life gets turned upside down. Depending on the severity of the accident and your injuries, you can be left unable to work, go by your day-to-day routines, or enjoy old hobbies. While ongoing medical treatment in Edmonton can leave you and your family running from medical appointment to medical appointment. In the meantime, life keeps going, bills must be paid, and your family needs to be provided for. 

If you’re wondering if a car accident claim could help you and your family piece your lives back together, James H. Brown and Associates is here to help. An injury lawyer from our team can assist you every step of the way during your case. Below are some ways our team can help you get the justice you deserve. Continue reading to learn more!

Why Hire a Lawyer?

In theory, filling a car accident claim may seem simple, but it can be complicated. Like all legal matters, car accident claims can be complex as several circumstances influence your case. Fortunately, partnering with an experienced injury lawyer like those at James H. Brown and Associates are here to help. Below are some ways our team can assist you with your car accident claim:

  • Investigate Your Claim: An experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyer can help you with your accident claim from start to finish. In an accident, there can be many factors and parties involved. A lawyer can help you determine and investigate the crucial information you need to build a strong case.
  • Gather and Organize Evidence: As previously mentioned, car accident claims have many factors, including many types of evidence. A car accident lawyer will help you collect and organize evidence like medical records, police reports, witness statements, dash cam footage, CCTV footage, etc. This evidence plays a vital role in the success of your claim, so it’s essential to partner with a lawyer who is well versed in car accident law cases. 
  • Negotiate with the Other Parties: Since car accident claims often involve multiple parties, a lawyer will strong negotiation and communication skills are paramount. A significant part of your claim will be working with these other parties and insurance companies. You can better focus on your recovery by letting a car accident lawyer manage your case. 
  • Craft a Sound Legal Plan: An effective lawyer will be well-educated and knowledgeable of the nuances of accident law and how they may apply to your case. Your lawyer’s primary role is to help craft a suitable legal strategy that ensures you receive the justice and compensation you deserve. 

The above list is just a few ways a car accident lawyer can assist you with moving your accident claim forward. By utilizing the experts, your case has a better chance of reaching the best possible outcome. As a victim, you or your loved one deserve nothing less than to have a skilled, experienced, and educated team of car accident lawyers on your side.

Is an Injury Lawyer Right for You?

Only one thing matters when you or a loved one has experienced a life-altering motor vehicle accident: recovering compensation for your injuries so your needs can be provided for. If you’re unsure if an injury lawyer can help you with your unique circumstances, check out our injury lawyer quiz. James H. Brown and Associates is proud to support accident victims and their families throughout every phase of their case. Our devout commitment to care and understanding seriously injured persons and their families comes from our team’s firsthand experience. James H. Brown and Associates’ team of experienced, professional injury lawyers are committed to attaining justice for you and your loved ones. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our team at James H. Brown and Associates will assist you with your car accident claim, contact us today! Let our team protect your interests and give you the justice you deserve. 

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