How James H. Brown and Associates Strives to Be Alberta’s Accessible Injury Lawyers

Motor vehicle accidents can tragically cause catastrophic and life-changing injuries, leaving people having to find new ways of completing their daily tasks and adapting to a new way of life. Others have complex medical conditions that have been made worse in a car accident. At James H. Brown and Associates, we provide legal services accessible to all. Here are some of the ways James H. Brown & Associates makes the process easier for you and your family.

Accessible Injury Lawyers: Phone, Online or In-Person Meetings

Whether you are waiting with your loved one at the hospital or you just returned home after midnight, at James H. Brown and Associates, we are available 24/7, seven days a week for a free consultation. We provide in-person, phone and virtual consultations and are here to answer your questions.

Let us know your preferred method of communication. Many people prefer virtual meetings and electronic communication. Many prefer phone calls and do not have computer access. If you prefer in-person meetings and have special mobility needs, our office is wheelchair accessible. We provide information and legal services in a method that is convenient for you.

Start to Finish Support

Many people have never been in a car accident before and have never had to contact a lawyer before. We explain the process right from the start so that you can focus on what is most important, the health and safety of you and your family.

You are welcome to have a loved one or support person attend meetings with you. We explain the process and answer your questions so that you understand your legal rights. We give you the time you need to discuss with your loved ones and review documents. We understand that trauma from a car accident extends far beyond your physical injuries. At James H. Brown and Associates, we are here to make the process easier for you.

Litigation Representatives

After a motor vehicle accident, people may no longer have the ability to make decisions and handle the legal process on their own. If you are seeking information on how to help someone get legal assistance, call us today.

Remember that there are limitation laws in Alberta that specify the time you have to sue. After the limitation has passed, you lose the right to sue. Contact us to ensure you understand your legal rights.

Accessible Services for Clients in Long-Term Care

If you or a loved one are living in long-term care, we understand the high degree of dependence on nursing home staff for basic needs. Many residents in long-term care are vulnerable and may not be able to access legal assistance on their own. Speak with us today so that you understand your legal rights and the options for your loved ones.

Accessible Services for Seniors and Older Adults

Whether you are living independently, in supportive living, or in long-term care, we are here to help. We answer your questions and provide information by the method that is accessible for you. You can take the time you need to discuss this with your family members and loved ones. Speak with us today to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

You Have the Support of James H. Brown And Associates

As a large, experienced law firm, we’re proud to offer a full range of resources for accident victims and their families, including:

  • 250 years of combined injury law experience, including numerous precedent-setting settlements in Alberta.
  • Complete accident investigation services, including evidence preservation and accident reconstruction.
  • Access to multi-disciplinary experts and specialists to diagnose your injuries and determine long-term impacts.
  • Strong relationships with organizations ready to assist with rehabilitation and recovery.

Contact us today and our team of Accident Injury Lawyers will help you through the process so that you can focus on your recovery. 

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