How To Get The Compensation You Deserve After A Motorcycle Accident

Now that we’ve discussed the important steps you should take to help you avoid further injuries after experiencing a motorcycle accident, we will now explore the necessary steps you need to take to receive the compensation you deserve.

How To Get The Compensation You Deserve After a Motorcycle Accident?

Document All Injuries and Damages

A common mistake that victims of motorcycle accidents make is failing to document important details of the accident. From the moment you step foot on the side road, you should document everything, including pictures and videos of the accident, the driver’s license and insurance details, the car’s plate number and the contact information of any witnesses on the scene. You can also request to get a copy of the police report or a reference number. Failing to document the scene of the accident can sometimes cause victims to forget crucial details of the accident, so it’s best to document everything to ensure you have it on file.  

After seeking the medical help you need by visiting an ER or your family doctor, be sure to keep copies of all the tests, medication, prescriptions and receipts. Thoroughly documenting your injuries will help you receive the compensation you deserve. You are also entitled to receive compensation for any damages such as lost work days, bike damage, out-of-pocket expenses and any other changes to your daily life. No detail is too minor, so be sure to document all your damages and injuries to receive just compensation. 

Avoid Talking to Insurance Companies

While having insurance is great for many aspects of your life, it’s not the best option to resort to after being in a motorcycle accident. You see, insurance companies will do almost everything they can to protect their profits. One of the first things they will try to get from you (both yours and the other party’s insurance company) is a statement. This statement can then bring your claim down in the future.

The reason why James H. Brown and Associates advises clients to avoid providing a statement to their insurance companies is that it’s too early to offer a thorough and detailed report. As we discussed in our previous blog, injuries don’t always appear immediately; if they do, they can cause further damage that requires additional medical treatment. Most insurance companies call victims within hours after the accident to obtain a statement, which is never enough time to assess injuries or damages. To avoid getting lower compensation than you deserve, consult a motorcycle accident lawyer before speaking to the insurance company. 

Seek The Advice of Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motor vehicle accident law is complicated, especially in Alberta. If you are planning on pursuing justice and fair compensation for your injuries, you will need the help of motorcycle accident lawyers. At James H. Brown and Associates, we have the skill and experience required to fight for the compensation you deserve to provide for your short and long-term needs. We are proud to have stood up for many motorcycle accident victims in Alberta and across Western Canada. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers is dedicated to protecting your rights and securing the compensation you deserve!

Don’t Fight This Battle Alone! Let James H. Brown and Associates Help You! 

Settling a personal injury claim is both mentally and physically taxing, especially if you or your loved one is also recovering from serious injuries. Our lawyers can help you navigate filing a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim from start to finish and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to assist you with your injuries. We have firsthand experience with the challenges that victims of personal injury accidents face in their daily life, which is why our team of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers are ready to help you with every step of your claim. Don’t go through the battle alone; contact James H. Brown and Associates today

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