How to Protect Yourself After a Car Accident

Spring is here, and that means that construction season is in full swing throughout Alberta. As we navigate the infamous freeze-thaw cycle that comes with changing seasons, the risk of motor vehicle accidents rises for daily commuters. Car accidents and collisions can have severe repercussions for drivers and their passengers, resulting in potential long-lasting (or even permanent), life-altering injuries.

If you or someone you love is injured in a car accident this season, James H. Brown and Associates is here to help you pursue the settlement payout you deserve. Since 1993, our team of award-winning injury lawyers has partnered with Albertans to give you access to the support and knowledge you need to make sure your voice is heard and your needs are met after serious incidents leading to personal injuries. With over 250 years of combined injury law experience behind our team, and several of the highest motor vehicle accident injury settlement payouts on file in Alberta under our belt, James H. Brown and Associates is proud to fight for your right to fair, complete compensation following a car accident. Below we’ll take a look at some of the essential details to keep in mind immediately following a collision, as well as the benefits of partnering with an experienced injury law firm. Read on to learn more!

How To Protect Yourself After An Accident

While prevention is always the preferred choice when it comes to avoiding collisions and the stress of dealing with the aftermath, the unfortunate reality is, sometimes accidents still happen. Knowing what to do immediately following an incident is essential for protecting yourself and ensuring that your long-term care and recovery are as minimal as possible. If you are in an accident stay calm and focus on the following steps to protect your health and legal rights moving forward:

Get Medical Help ASAP

No matter how minor your accident is, and how fine you may feel in the aftermath, you should seek immediate medical care ASAP. It’s normal for involved parties to feel overwhelmed, or even in shock following a vehicle collision due to the trauma involved. Adrenaline can disguise the initial signs and symptoms of serious injuries like traumatic brain injuries (TBI), spinal cord injuries (SCI), whiplash, and more. The sooner you get medical help, the better the chances are of identifying early-stage injuries and being able to mitigate your pain and suffering. Getting help right away also strengthens your case for treatment and settlement should you need to file a personal injury lawsuit in the future.


While you should already be documenting as many details about your incident as possible for insurance purposes, it’s even more important to thoroughly document any and all health and quality of life details affected by your accident. In addition to visible ailments and the current extent of your total injuries, you should also document other factors like having to miss days of work, accumulating medical expenses, progressing diagnoses, and more. Keep highly detailed accounts of all medical appointments, specialist visits and recommendations, receipts, prescriptions and more; doing so will be one of the most essential parts of securing a fair settlement payout.

Speak to a Lawyer FIRST

After an accident, you’ll likely find yourself facing pressing calls from insurance companies to learn more details about the circumstances of your incident and to obtain a statement. While this can be overwhelming, remember that you have a right to be protected and fairly represented. Never give a statement to insurance providers BEFORE speaking with a lawyer. Partnering with the right firm can protect you from accidentally undercutting your injuries and lowering the settlement you are entitled to! Your voice and your suffering deserve to be heard and fully understood, not swept away for the sake of closing a claim.

Your Team for Fair Car Accident Injury Payouts in Alberta

At James H. Brown and Associates, we know that having the right team in your corner is vital when it comes to protecting your health and receiving the best settlement payout possible. Our team of experienced injury lawyers understand firsthand what it’s like to be seriously injured in a car accident and to ensure that your needs are justly represented when it matters most. James H. Brown and Associates know that no two accidents are the same and that the lasting impact of every individual’s suffering will be different. We believe that each claim deserves the utmost effort, and will fight tirelessly to secure you the settlement you need for a smooth road to recovery. Our team is proud to offer our clients the following services across Alberta:

Get Started Today

If you’re looking to pursue your road to recovery following an accident and need legal expertise you can trust to fight for your needs, James H. Brown and Associates’ injury lawyers are ready to speak with you right away. Whether you’re facing mild whiplash or a profoundly life-altering injury, you can count on our team of experts to put your needs first.

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