How to Reduce Your Risk of an Accident as a Pedestrian

Exploring your city on foot is a great way to check out hidden gems and get some good exercise too! However, as a pedestrian, you face several risks that can make your little walk a life-changing event. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents can happen in a split second, and if you don’t take necessary precautions before going out, your risk of an accident can dramatically increase. Fortunately, James H. Brown and Associates is here to help with some tips to reduce your risk of getting in an accident as a pedestrian. Below we’ll also cover the steps to take if the worst-case scenario happens and you end up in an accident. Keep reading to learn more, and be prepared!

Tips for Pedestrian Safety

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are all too common across Canada. While the tides are slowly turning and pedestrian accidents are gradually decreasing, they’re still a threat to be aware of. Ultimately, as a pedestrian, your most significant danger is from drivers, as they’re the ones who operate vehicles that weigh thousands of pounds. Nonetheless, there are a few ways to reduce your risk of an accident and serious injury as a pedestrian. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Always Use Marked Crosswalks and Controlled Signals. While in most situations, drivers will and should yield the right of way to pedestrians, marked crosswalks and controlled signals are the only places pedestrians have the right of way by default. That means they will always be the safest places to cross the road, so use them to your advantage!
  • Prioritize Your Visibility. Especially at night, brightly-coloured clothing can help ensure drivers can more easily spot you, even if you’re using designated crosswalks. If you’re going out for a late-night stroll or run, wearing reflective patches or clothing is a great way to ensure visibility. 
  • Be Aware of Weather Conditions. Albertan roads can be treacherous depending on the season; this is especially true in the winter in residential or low-traffic areas where snow is not routinely cleared. While the driver is responsible for ensuring they can safely stop for a pedestrian, you should be cautious when ice and other hazards can make this a challenge. So before you cross the road, ensure any approaching vehicles are at a complete stop before stepping onto the street. 
  • Exercise Caution All Year Round. It’s a driver’s responsibility to watch out for pedestrians; however, mistakes and lapses in judgment happen. The reality is that motorists can fail to notice and react to pedestrians, and the worst-case scenario can come true. The best way to keep yourself safe is to be aware of your surroundings and only make crossings when the coast is clear. 

While utilizing these tips can be advantageous for your safety, they are not 100% guaranteed. Unfortunately, accidents can happen when you least expect them to. James H. Brown and Associates is here to help if you or a loved one has been injured crossing the road. Next are the steps you should follow if you’re in a pedestrian accident.

What to Do if You’re Injured as a Pedestrian?

James H. Brown and Associates’ pedestrian accident lawyers are here to help you and your family when the unexpected happens. No matter what kind of accident you or a loved one has gotten into, it’s critical that you follow the below steps to ensure your health and to help build your personal injury claim. The steps are as follows:

  1. Get Medical Attention. Regardless of how severe or minor your injuries may appear, it’s critical to seek medical care as soon as possible. A medical provider can immediately begin treating your injuries and provide you with a diagnosis. They will also thoroughly document your injuries which the insurance company will use later to evaluate your personal injury claim
  2. Document, Document, Document. After getting checked out by a medical professional, make sure to take note of any changes in your symptoms. Some injuries can take weeks or months to appear, so carefully documenting your symptoms can help James H. Brown and Associates ensure your claim is fully detailed. In addition, you should also keep track of any additional expenses or damages you incur because of your accident. This may include lost work days, psychological trauma, or out-of-pocket expenses. No detail is too minor!
  3. Seek Legal Advice! After your accident, the driver’s insurance company will likely attempt to reach out to you for a statement. Never provide an insurance company with a statement without first speaking with a pedestrian accident lawyer, like those at James H. Brown and Associates. Often insurance companies will use your statement to minimize their payout. However, if you contact James H. Brown and Associates instead, our team can better assist you with the legal process and ensure you and your loved ones get the justice and compensation you deserve. 

No two accidents are alike; getting support and legal advice from a trusted team of pedestrian accident lawyers like James H. Brown and Associates is essential. Our team is highly experienced in personal injury law and understands the many challenges you and your family may be facing since your accident. Our team is ready to help you immediately; reach out to our team as soon as possible. 

James H. Brown and Associates: Your Trusted Pedestrian Injury Lawyers

After a pedestrian accident, you and your family need the help of an experienced legal team to ensure you receive complete and fair compensation. Since 1993, James H. Brown and Associates has been standing up for victims’ rights and helping them attain the justice and compensation they need to move forward after their accidents. Our award-winning team of personal injury lawyers has over 250 years of combined experience and a proven record of success. That means our team is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure you get access to the support, resources, legal aid, and compensation you need to recover after your accident. Our team is dedicated and passionate about justice; let us help you throughout your pedestrian accident injury claim. Contact us today to book your free, no-obligation consultation! 

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