In The News: Onion Salmonella Outbreak Class Action

On October 5th James H. Brown and Associates’ Senior Class Action Lawyer Rick Mallett was featured on recent Global News coverage of the Onion Salmonella Outbreak. This story has now been covered by Global News as well as CBC News . It is crucial that anyone who has experienced symptoms consistent with Salmonella poisoning and consumed the potentially contaminated onions get in contact with us.

Global News Story

An Edmonton lawyer is handling a class-action lawsuit against a California company at the centre of an onion recall this summer.

The Public Health Agency of Canada said a Salmonella outbreak involving red onions imported from the United States made 515 people sick.

“This is the largest onion recall in Canadian history and one of the most widespread food poisoning cases,” Rick Mallett, with James H. Brown & Associates, told Global News on Monday.

The PHAC closed its investigation on Oct. 1, saying in total, there were 515 confirmed cases of Salmonella Newport illness linked to this outbreak in the following provinces: British Columbia (121), Alberta (293), Saskatchewan (35), Manitoba (26), Ontario (14), Quebec (25) and Prince Edward Island (1).

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Rick Mallett has successfully led class action lawsuits related to food safety and security, utility management, and health care. He is a past President of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association.

For more information, or to contact us about the Onion Salmonella Class Action please visit our Onion Salmonella Class Action Hub

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