Injured During Your Bus Commute? Choose James H. Brown and Associates for Legal Support!

Every year, countless Edmontonians are seriously injured in accidents with motor vehicles, bicycles, buses, and others. Often due to the nature of these accidents, victims will have to manage the lasting consequences of their injuries, which may lead to significant financial burdens. An accident settlement can help you and your loved ones ease the burden of recovery; however, getting the compensation and justice you deserve can be challenging. An experienced legal team like James H. Brown and Associates can ensure your rights are protected, especially in complex cases involving public transit or private bus companies. Since 1993, James H. Brown and Associates has proudly served bus accident victims in the Edmonton area and helped them secure the justice and compensation they need to move on. Below are a few details about how James H. Brown and Associates can help you after a bus accident. 

Personal Experience and Expertise

When you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident in Edmonton, you need a personal injury lawyer with the experience and knowledge to help you build your case. At James H. Brown and Associates, we’ve been standing up for victims’ rights since 1993, and we understand firsthand what it’s like to become a victim of an accident. There are numerous challenges victims may face following an accident when trying to attain justice and compensation for their injuries. Between the complicated legal process, insurance companies, and the complex world of personal injury law, we understand how overwhelming attaining justice can be. Our expert bus accident lawyers have over 250 years of combined personal injury experience under their belts. That means partnering with James H. Brown and Associates allows you to have a team with decades of experience, a proven track record of success, and firsthand experience dealing with personal injury law and recovery after an injury

An Award-Winning Team

At James H. Brown and Associates, our handpicked team of bus accident lawyers and multi-disciplinary professionals are here to support you and your family throughout the duration of your case. For almost three decades, our team has prided itself on offering complete legal services and victim support at every stage of the legal process. This includes comprehensive accident investigation services such as accident reconstruction, evidence preservation, analysis and more. In addition, we can provide access to medical and vocational professionals to help diagnose your injuries, understand your injuries’ long and short-term consequences, and provide supporting documentation for your case. James H. Brown and Associates’ award-winning team of experienced bus accident lawyers have an unrivalled record of success. While past cases are not determinate of future results, James H. Brown and Associates is proud of our team’s precedent-setting work and the justice we’ve attained for victims and their families. Regardless of what lies ahead on you or your loved one’s road to recovery, we are dedicated to supporting you throughout the process. 

Results that Speak for Themselves

When you decide to take legal action after being in a bus accident, it’s essential to be aware of previous results your legal team has attained. Getting fair and complete compensation for you and your loved ones’ long-term needs isn’t negotiable. At James H. Brown and Associates, our team has an unrivalled record of success in injury law cases in Edmonton. With abundant experience in helping our clients recover significant bus accident injury settlements, James H. Brown and Associates is your choice for bus accident lawyers.

Our team has worked on several high-profile cases involving public and private transit buses, including those owned or leased by the City of Edmonton. Regardless of you or your loved one’s situation, partnering with an experienced and award-winning personal injury law firm to attain justice and compensation is essential. From deciding to advance your claim and navigating the complexities of the court system to assisting in managing care and your long-term treatment, you have plenty on your plate as a victim. The James H. Brown and Associates team is here to help you and your family as you move on through recovery and the legal process

Ready to Get Started on Your Case?

James H. Brown and Associates is dedicated to attaining justice for Edmonton bus accident victims. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with our bus accident lawyers! We look forward to helping you build your case and get the compensation you need to focus on your recovery.

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