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The impact of a violent car collision can cause severe brain injury to the driver and/or the passengers. During a violent vehicle collision, passengers can suffer severe brain injuries due to hard blows, jolts or bumps to the head. While all brain injuries are serious injuries, some are minor, and some are major. If you or your loved one has recently been in a car accident, read on to learn more about the different types of brain injuries and what to do if you are experiencing symptoms. 

What is Brain Injury?

Brain injuries (also called Traumatic Brain Injuries TBI) are often caused by a forceful jolt or blow to the passenger’s head and/or body. Some TBIs can be severe and are caused by objects that go through the skull and damage the brain tissue, while other TBIs are mild injuries caused by a strong blow or a sudden jolt. Violent car collisions are one of the causes of brain injuries and can result in bruising, bleeding, and other damages to the brain. 

What to do if Your Loved One is Experiencing Brain Injury Symptoms?

As multiple types of traumatic brain injuries result from car accidents, you must carefully monitor yourself or your loved one for any brain injury symptoms. Victims of car accidents who have suffered a mild brain injury have often experienced the following symptoms: 

  • Headaches
  • Trouble Speaking
  • Loss of Consciousness (for a few minutes or less)
  • Sensitivity to Sound and Light
  • Memory Problems
  • Concentration Problems
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Fatigue or drowsiness

The symptoms of a severe brain injury are often more evident, such as: 

  • Seizures
  • Convulsions
  • Loss of Conscious (from several minutes to a few hours)
  • Fluid Draining from the Nose or Ears
  • Loss of Balance
  • Slurred Speech
  • Continuous Headaches 
  • Pupil Dilation 
  • Aggressive Behaviour

If you are currently experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you must seek medical attention immediately.

Victims of car accidents often dismiss the possibility of a traumatic brain injury as they believe their accident was minor and only experienced a mild blow. Unfortunately, even minor collisions can cause severe brain injuries, which is why it is essential to note down all your symptoms and seek medical attention right after a car accident

Seek medical attention 

When rushing to the doctor or the emergency room after an accident, make sure that you give the doctor the full details of the accident and all the symptoms your loved one has experienced. When diagnosing traumatic brain injuries, giving your doctor all the details is crucial to help them properly diagnose the type of injury. Brain injuries can sometimes be challenging to detect, so make sure you have all the symptoms written down and given to the doctor. 

Once you make sure that your loved one is in good hands and is receiving the proper medical care they need, you can then start taking the following steps to make sure they receive the justice they deserve:

  1. Document Medical Paperwork

In order to ensure that your loved one will receive the compensation they deserve, you must document all medical paperwork, including prescriptions, blood tests, X-rays, CT Scans, etc. These records will become a critical part of your case and will help your loved ones receive their rightful compensation.

  1. Document Damages

Suffering from a TBI can cause damages beyond physical injuries. It is essential to document any changes that your loved one has experienced since the accident, such as time taken off work or inability to perform day-to-day tasks. No detail is too minor when preparing for your case. In fact, the more information you can gather that supports your claim, the more likely you are to receive fair compensation. 

  1. Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer

As you’re busy gathering all the documents needed and taking care of your loved one’s well-being, it becomes nearly impossible for you to also file a claim. TBI patients require a lot of support, both physically and emotionally, which is why you should fully focus on your loved one’s recovery and hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your claim

Trust James H. Brown and Associates

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, you are entrusting someone to take the full responsibility of fighting for your loved one’s rights and securing fair compensation for their injuries. Over the last thirty years, James H. Brown and Associates have helped many families file for accident claims and receive just compensation for their injuries. Our team of experienced personal injury lawyers is dedicated to protecting your rights and ensuring that you and your family receive complete compensation. 

We understand the challenges and difficulties of being a victim of a serious injury firsthand, which is why our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers will handle your claim from start to finish, allowing you to focus solely on your loved one’s road to recovery. Our team is equipped to gather and present all the necessary information needed to support your claim and gain your rightful compensation. 

Are You a Victim of A Car Accident?

Contact us today and speak with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers to help you attain the justice you deserve. 

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