Lawyer Perspective: What Makes The Best Accident Lawyer?

James H. Brown and Associates at any given moment has a number of Articling Students learning the practice of law. For this blog, we asked one of them what they think makes the best accident lawyer. Below is what he said.

I work in personal injury law and have been doing this for a while now. In the course of my work, I have gotten to see a number of lawyers put their skills to the test. I have seen lawyers from all over, from shops of all sorts and sizes, put themselves to work advocating for their clients. Clients who have been injured in accidents often may find themselves wondering what exactly it is that makes a good accident lawyer or the best accident lawyer. Clients understandably want someone who is competent and can get results. Below are my thoughts on what makes for a skilled accident lawyer.

Keep A Level Head

The best accident lawyers are people who can manage to keep a level head under pressure. This is a line of work in which we frequently have to deal with new obstacles and challenges as they come up on a daily basis. A skilled lawyer is able to maintain a level head and deal with obstacles as they occur. How a lawyer reacts to difficulties or problems with your case is something to keep an eye on during the course of your discussions.

Further to this point, the best accident lawyers are those that can keep a cool head.  When you have been in an accident this is oftentimes an incredibly scarring and traumatic event. You need a lawyer that can treat you with professionalism and understanding. You do not need someone who will treat you like a nuisance.

The Best Accident Lawyers Keep Learning and Adding Skills

Skilled lawyers further are familiar with the law, with the issues they deal with on a daily basis and make it a point of pursuing further knowledge. You should be sure in the course of your discussion that you feel your lawyer is properly equipped to handle the problems you come to them with. A lack of confidence can warn of difficulties ahead. Lawyers should be willing to seek out and tackle new problems as they attempt to expand their repertoire of skills.

Skilled lawyers are also able to take a step back from the situation and think about issues as they arise. The best lawyer does not run into every situation without having evaluated all the angles. Much like the chess master lawyers must be able to anticipate the moves of the opposing party. Stopping and thinking clearly about the case is incredibly important to ensure all the bases are covered for the purposes of the case.

The Best Accident Lawyers Find A Way

You want a lawyer who knows how to find solutions. The best lawyers know how to research new issues as they arise and can find solutions to even the most novel of issues.

A skilled lawyer does not approach the other party with animosity, knowing that courtesy and respect are essential in a relationship where the parties seek to find a settlement. Yet the best lawyers still will not allow opposing counsel or the defendant’s insurance company to walk all over their clients and will advocate tirelessly where they feel their clients are being walked on.

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