Wrongful Death

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Because we handle so many wrongful death cases we continually see how families are devastated by the loss of a loved one. Loved ones cannot be replaced but an aggressive lawsuit can often right wrongs, save others from similar tragedy and help give meaning to an otherwise senseless death.

Our team of accident reconstruction engineers and private investigators carefully analyze every aspect of the case. This evidence gathering is not only critical to a successful lawsuit, in many cases it also provides much needed answers to grieving family members.

“The most empty feeling I have ever experienced was when for the first time I handed a settlement cheque to a family who had lost a loved one in a motor vehicle accident. It wouldn’t have mattered if the cheque had been for a zillion dollars – the money seemed so meaningless.”

– James H. Brown

Unfortunately, as lawyers, all we can do is advance a lawsuit on behalf of grieving family members and hope the lawsuit proceeds will in some small way help them to move forward with their lives. If necessary we can arrange for grief counseling to help families deal with the initial trauma of unexpected loss. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one we invite you to put our professional legal team to work for you.

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