Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton

When selecting a personal injury lawyer to represent your case, their degree and experience are not the only factors that will help you decide if this is the right injury lawyer for you. Read on to learn about the top 3 qualities to look for in a personal injury lawyer. 

1. Experienced

The personal injury lawyer you choose to represent you can either make or break your case. While all personal injury lawyers must exceed academically to achieve their law license, that does not necessarily mean that they are experienced. Most personal injury lawyers have experience at the negotiation table, which is where most personal injury cases fall. It’s always great to have a lawyer who is familiar with and experienced in negotiating with defendants and insurance companies. With that said, some personal injury cases can go to trial. Unfortunately, few personal injury lawyers have trial experience and can confidently take your case to court. In fact, some personal injury law firms will inform you that they cannot continue with your case as they cannot take it to trial. 

The injury law team at James H. Brown and Associates have extensive experience in both personal injury law and trial experience. We have worked with many victims of car accidents that resulted in severe injuries such as brain injury, soft tissue injury, broken bones, brain injury, etc. Our experienced legal team is proud to be involved in some of the largest class action cases throughout Canada. We aim to fully support victims of car accidents and their families in their journey to recovery. When hiring James H. Brown and Associates, you are hiring a team of experts that will do everything in their power (even go to trial!) to achieve the compensation you deserve. 

2. Communicative 

We can’t stress enough how important it is to hire an injury lawyer who is willing to explain everything to you from A to Z. Personal injury lawyers often use legal terms that could go over your head as they’re used to using these terms on a daily basis. While personal injury lawyers can explain to you why they’re the best fit for the job, very few take the time to explain the legal process. Your injury lawyer should always explain a concept in many ways until you can fully wrap your mind around it. Remember, they’ve been practicing personal injury law for years. They have gotten accustomed to the process; don’t let that make you feel like you’re uninformed or unknowledgeable – it’s part of their duty to communicate the legal steps with you clearly. 

From the moment you book your free, no-obligation evaluation claim with James H. Brown and Associates, our lawyers will dedicate time for you to take you through all the legal steps necessary for your case. We make sure to discuss everything with our clients and explain all the legalities. We also provide translation services to clients whose first language is not English and work closely with them to ensure they fully understand all the legal terms. While our team of experienced lawyers has more than 250 years of combined experience under their belt, we know that our clients are new to the world of personal injury law.

3. Transparent 

Never forget that this is your personal injury claim and that you have a say in every step of the claim. Yes, you hire injury lawyers to represent you and file the claim, but that does not mean you stay in the dark. As injury lawyers work with hundreds of car accident victims and have gone through the process several times, they often forget to update the victims and give them a say in their claims. Some even go as far as changing to defensive or offensive strategies without advising their clients. Your personal injury lawyer should be entirely transparent with you.

At James H. Brown and Associates, we firmly believe in transparency. Your injury lawyer works closely with you through every step of your case to ensure that you are fully informed. We are fully upfront about the paperwork, filings, fees, etc. and will seek approval for any changes along the way.

Looking For A Trustworthy Personal Injury Lawyer in Edmonton?

James H. Brown and Associates is the firm for you. Our goal is to stand up for your rights no matter what. We promise to be with you every step from the day you book the free, no-obligation evaluation claim to the day you receive your rightful compensation. Call us at (780) 428-0088 or book your free evaluation claim today

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