Secure a Fair Payout After an Accident with James H. Brown

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, you probably don’t need us to tell you how vital your settlement will be. You and your family likely have to contend with lost days of work, medical expenses, and other financial strains; securing a complete, fair payout for your injuries can go a long way towards navigating the road to recovery.

However, getting the payout you deserve isn’t easy. Alberta accident injury law is complicated; when your life and livelihood hang in the balance, it’s critical to have an experienced team with a proven record of success on your side. After an injury, you only get one shot at securing a fair payout; it’s absolutely essential to make the most of it with a team you can trust behind you.

For nearly 30 years, James H. Brown and Associates has maintained an unrivalled reputation for securing complete, fair compensation for accident victims and their families. With centuries of experience, extensive resources, and a proven record of success, we’re ready to support our clients through every phase of securing the compensation they deserve. Keep reading to learn more about how James H. Brown and Associates works to secure accident settlements below.

A Proven Record of Success

Outside of you and your family’s wellbeing, nothing is more important after an accident than securing a comprehensive settlement to provide for all of your future needs. In the case of catastrophic or life-altering injuries, the payout you receive will very likely dictate your quality of life; it’s essential to know that your legal team is ready and able to get results for their clients.

Over the last thirty years, James H. Brown and Associates has built an unrivalled reputation for delivering results with accident claims, settlement negotiations, and full jury trials. We’ve successfully helped our clients recover some of the largest motor vehicle accident injury settlements ever achieved in Alberta while continually setting new precedents in Western Canadian injury law. We invite you to compare our record to any other law firm in Alberta.

Some of our firm’s past successes include:

Read more about our results here.

*Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. The amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

The Right Tools to Secure Compensation

Every accident (and every accident settlement) is unique. While sound legal advice will likely be the most important factor in your case, it may not be the only thing you need. For example, you may need documentation from medical professionals and other specialists to ensure you receive compensation for all of your accident’s consequences. While it’s possible to gather these resources on your own, the right law firm will be able to assist you with all aspects of building your case.

As a large, successful law firm, James H. Brown and Associates is ready to provide comprehensive resources to support accident victims and their cases, including:

  • An experienced team of dedicated injury lawyers with over 250 years of combined experience.
  • Accident investigation and evidence preservation services, including accident reconstruction, analysis, and more.
  • Medical and vocational professionals to help fully understand your injuries and provide the necessary documentation for your case.
  • Strong relationships with community organizations dedicated to rehabilitation and recovery.
  • And much more!

In addition to gathering the necessary information for our clients’ cases, James H. Brown and Associates are committed to supporting accident victims and their families every step of the way. “When I was injured, there wasn’t much out there for support,” recalls founder James H. Brown. “Today, we are dedicated to giving seriously injured people the support they need.”

Ready to Get Started Today

After an accident, obtaining expert legal advice is the first step to justice. The sooner you speak with an injury lawyer, the sooner you can begin navigating the road to recovery and compensation. That’s why James H. Brown and Associates makes it fast and easy to access the legal advice you need.

Unlike many large law firms in Alberta, James H. Brown and Associates’ injury lawyers are ready to speak with you right away. No call centres, no intake teams, just direct access to the expert legal advice you and your family need.

Contact us today to speak with a lawyer and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with James H. Brown and Associates.

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