Steps You Should Follow After a Snowmobile Accident

Snowmobiling is an exciting and fun winter activity many Albertans look forward to every winter. Unfortunately, every winter, many Albertans are injured in snowmobiling accidents. These accidents, like car crashes, can cause severe or lifelong consequences for the victims and their families. If you and your family are planning to ride this winter, you need to know what to do if an accident happens and how to set yourself up for success if you must pursue legal matters. Since 1993, James H. Brown and Associates experienced personal injury lawyers have been dedicated to standing up for the rights of snowmobile accident victims and helping them secure the justice and compensation they deserve. Below we’ll outline three steps to take following a snowmobile accident and more about James H. Brown and Associates. Keep reading to be prepared for this winter sledding season. 

1. Seek Out Medical Attention

Regardless of the accident you’ve been in, nothing is more important than your or your loved one’s health. The first and most critical step you should take following a snowmobile accident is seeking medical attention. Even if your injuries look or feel minor, you must see a doctor or other healthcare provider. This is important because while your injuries may appear insignificant, they may be more severe than you realize. Many insurance companies try to claim that victims who don’t seek immediate medical attention couldn’t have sustained severe injuries. This argument put forth by insurance companies is flimsy, but unfortunately, James H. Brown and Associates’ team often see it in court. 

So get checked out by a medical professional right away. While in care, make sure to describe your injuries in detail. That way, your medical provider can better document and diagnose your injuries. These medical records are essential if you seek legal action following a snowmobile accident, as they will be part of the determination process to determine the correct amount of compensation you can receive. No detail is too minor, so it’s best to start documenting everything immediately. The sooner you can get your injuries accurately diagnosed, the easier it will be to prove your snowmobile accident caused them.

2. Document All Your Damages

While your healthcare provider will document all of your injuries, you and your experienced snowmobile accident lawyer will be responsible for tracking any other damages caused by the accident. Damages can range from damage to your snowmobile and lost work days to out-of-pocket medical expenses. The reality of recreational vehicle accident claims is that they can take a while to be resolved. That’s why it’s critical to save all your receipts and to keep a journal detailing any changes or expenses related to the accident. Like we said previously, no detail is too minor. The more information you can provide, the stronger your claim will be, and the more likely you will be able to receive fair and complete compensation. 

3. Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

Once you or the other party’s insurance company learns about your snowmobile accident, they will likely try to get a statement from you. Before you do so, seek our legal advice from James H. Brown and Associates first! When you seek compensation for your injuries following an accident, insurance companies will look for any excuse to give you less. Often they will use information in these statements to attempt to reduce or hold back the compensation you and your loved ones deserve. 

After a severe snowmobile accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at James H. Brown and Associates as soon as possible. Our experienced snowmobile accident lawyers can provide sound legal advice and help you build a strong case. Let the award-winning team at James H. Brown and Associates help you and your loved ones receive the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Get Justice and Compensation with James H. Brown and Associates

Recreational vehicle accident law is complex. After a snowmobile accident, pursuing justice and compensation for your injuries and damages can be challenging. That’s why you need a personal injury lawyer with in-depth knowledge and skills to secure the funds you and your family need to move on and recover. The team at James H. Brown and Associates is dedicated to standing up for the rights of accident victims across Western Canada. With over 250 years of combined personal injury experience and a proven track record of attaining justice for our clients, we are sure we can help you and your family receive the compensation you deserve. 

Injured in a Snowmobile Accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a snowmobile accident, James H. Brown and Associates is here to help. Contact us today to book your free, no-obligation consultation with our experienced personal injury lawyers!

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