Taking a Look at Class Action Lawsuits

Have you or someone you love been injured in an incident that’s impacted several others and put a large group at risk? Designed to protect the interests and well-being of multiple individuals, class-action lawsuits play an important role in the world of injury law and can help protect countless other potential victims from encountering similar risks in the future. As a record-setting and award-winning firm servicing Alberta, James H. Brown and Associates is proud to partner with Albertans to give you the personal injury legal support you deserve.

With over 250 years of combined experience amongst our injury lawyers, we know what it takes to handle class-action suits and keep the best interests of everyone in mind. Below, we’ll cover some of the basics of class actual legal cases. Read on to learn more!

What is a Class-Action Lawsuit?

While singular personal injury cases are intended to represent the needs and losses of a single person, class action lawsuits act in the interest of a group (or class) of people in order to pursue just compensation for acts of negligence or harmful practices. This collective approach allows for a greater picture to be formed when facing a significant challenge and, in certain stand-out cases, can even help set future precedence for protective practices.

Why Join a Class-Action Suit?

While class-action cases can sometimes be seen as a mass cash-grab or manipulative practice, the truth is, that this kind of approach holds significant ethical and life-changing potential for those affected and involved. When handled by an experienced firm like James H. Brown and Associates, defendants can be sure that their voices will be heard, their concerns will be addressed, and their needs will be met. For those suffering life-long and/or devastating injuries as the result of the negligent or malicious actions of another, class-action suits an invaluable source of justice and support when it matters most.

Class-Action Lawsuits and Personal Injury Law

At James H. Brown and Associates, we believe that every victim deserves a voice and access to quality representation that will always have their needs and interests in mind. We are proud to have been active participants in some of the largest class-action lawsuits in Canadian history and to have a long-standing record of continual successes for our clients. With over 250 years of combined experience securing fair compensation for our clients, James H. Brown and Associates stands by our firm commitment to supporting our clients every step of the way. Our class-action-specific experience extends to the following areas:

  • Consumer Product Recalls
  • Food Safety
  • Utility Management
  • Long-Term Care Facility Malpractice
  • Healthcare
  • And More!

Ready to Stand Up for Your Rights?

If you’re a member of a group who has fallen victim to a company or other legal entity’s negligence, you don’t have to suffer alone. Tell us your story, and you may be able to attain justice through a class-action lawsuit.

Contact us today to speak with an experienced lawyer about your potential class-action lawsuit.

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