“I did get what I think is a fair settlement”

“I did get what I think is a fair settlement”


I had Michael represent me in a motor vehicle accident, an accident which left me in limbo with my insurance company especially since the other driver, who had lost control of their vehicle causing the accident, had the same insurance company. Before seeing him and dealing with the insurance company directly after a short while there were “issues” covering certain needed expenses, paperwork etc, etc, etc… and it was obvious I was being given the run around and that I needed a lawyer. I met with Michael, who extended his work hours for my convenience so that I could see him. He had me see a pain specialist immediately, which finally got the ball rolling in terms of recovery and was excellent, taking my concerns seriously. As for Michael, when emailing him with questions, he got back to me right away and his assistant Janet was excellent and had a very uplifting personality.

As far as the settlement went although the final settlement fees were a bit confusing and did include utilizing the settlement amount put aside for expenses along with the actual settlement amount, which I am not entirely in agreement or was sure about, Michael did get back to me and address this immediately and we discussed. I do have to say what was additional was not completely outrageous, and in the end I did get what I think is a fair settlement for my injuries, that I would not have gotten otherwise if I went without representation. I have to say to anyone in an accident, wait to settle until you know what your rights are and have someone represent you as they do more understand the system which loves to take money but when you need them they are sometimes gone. From this experience the insurance company at first seemed good and fair but this did change as the claim progressed.

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