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I was in a no fault auto accident in 2014. Initially, I tried dealing with the insurance company but despite my injuries they would not even offer me pain and suffering compensation. My hours off work from the pain, physio and Doctor’s appointments started to add up and affect my family. In order to receive any compensation I would have to send the insurance company reports of time off and mileage every single time and then wait to hear back. When it came to extending my physio treatments it was even difficult to work with them for that. Eventually I had enough of dealing with them and being bumped from agent to agent and decided to find a lawyer. Not only was I dealing with the present effects the accident was having on my day to day life but my future as a Carpenter was at stake with the injuries I has sustained.

My wife started chatting with a James H Brown associate online named Michael N. Hoosein and from there we simply set up an appointment to meet him. Michael was so helpful and explained the process so there was no confusion. We were no longer having to deal with the insurance company either as he handled all their requests from then on. James H Brown took ownership in some of my medical appointments as well, helping me get a private MRI instead of waiting a year on the waiting list it takes in Canada. He also helped me meet a surgeon at the University of Alberta whom was difficult to get into.

I would highly recommend Michael at James H Brown. Without him I know we would not have gotten a settlement from the Insurance Company. He eased our families stress by managing our case and took on the burden of dealing with the difficult Insurance Company. We are also very happy with the compensation we received as a result of his hard work. Thank you James H Brown!

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