Top 3 Questions To Ask an Injury Lawyer

Retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer is the most effective way to receive your compensation. Not only will an experienced injury lawyer be able to push for the compensation you deserve, but they will also ensure that you and your family focus on the road to recovery while they advocate for your rights. The following questions will help you determine which personal injury law firm is the best choice for you.

1. What Type Of Law Do You Practice?

It’s not uncommon for firms to practice many fields of law and represent clients dealing with different legal requirements. While it’s common for firms to handle cases that fall under different types of law, it’s not always the optimal choice. When working with a firm that only practices personal injury law, you get to work with personal injury lawyers that are familiar with the latest precedents and guidelines in the personal injury law field. Hiring a law firm with a team of experienced lawyers who have worked in the field for years and have experienced all aspects of personal injury law will ensure that you receive the proper legal advice for your personal injury case. As the field progresses, the laws and regulations might change, so it’s best to always ask your law firm how many cases they’ve handled similar to yours in the past year.

2. Will You Be Handling My Case?

In several cases, law firms tend to appoint a general lawyer that carries out the initial consultation meeting but then hands off your case to another lawyer once you sign the papers. When discussing your claim with your personal injury lawyer, it’s best to ask if they will be presenting your case or if they will pass it off to another legal team. Some personal injury law firms do not clarify who the person of contact is, resulting in the client feeling lost and unsure who to call when looking for updates. It’s not uncommon for personal injury cases to run for long periods of time, which is why it’s essential to have a designated injury lawyer who will follow your case from start to finish. When hiring a personal injury firm, you are looking for a firm that can provide you with a lawyer you can trust and build a rapport with.

3. Where Are You Based?

It’s imperative to make sure that you hire a lawyer who works in the province of the accident. Every province has their own rules and regulations when it comes to personal injury law; for instance, some injuries sustained in car accidents in Alberta are covered by the Minor Injury Regulations and the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols known as the “Cap.” So if you’re looking for an injury lawyer in Edmonton, for example, you should contact a firm based in Alberta.

James H. Brown and Associates: Your Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm

Since 1993, James H. Brown and Associates have dedicated their time and resources to representing and supporting car, motorcycle and bicycle accident victims. We not only have firsthand experience with overcoming traumatic injuries, but we also understand the hardships and challenges of being the victim of an accident. Our lawyers build long-term relationships with our clients to ensure they receive the support and compensation they deserve. Our team of experienced lawyers has successfully represented many personal injury cases, including victims suffering from brain injury, chronic pain, whiplash, fibromyalgia and spinal cord injury.

As soon as you start with James H. Brown and Associates, your designated lawyer will be ready to meet with you immediately. No matter where you are, your lawyer will set up a meeting place or method suitable for you, whether over the phone, in person or via online video conference platforms. Our goal is to make the process of filing a claim as simple and as hassle-free as possible.

Contact us today and schedule a free evaluation claim where you can speak with one of our injury lawyers to help determine the right course of action for you and your family.

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