Top Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents And How To Avoid Them

Pedestrian accidents are almost never minor. In fact, victims of pedestrian accidents might suffer from severe injuries, which can result in long-term disabilities. Below are the top causes of pedestrian accidents, how to avoid them and what to do if you are hit by a car. 

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents:

Distracted Driving

Even though it is legally forbidden to drive your vehicle when texting or talking on the phone, drivers might still be distracted by their phones while driving. Not only do drivers put their own lives at risk, but they also put pedestrians at risk. Unfortunately, a driver might be tempted to quickly reply to a text or answer a quick phone call thinking it would be safe to do so, but during these few seconds, they might miss a stop sign and hit a pedestrian crossing the road. These few seconds can cause the pedestrian to suffer from a severe injury for a lifetime. So if you’re driving your car or even at a stop light, don’t text and drive. 

Impaired Driving

One of the most important driving skills is defensive driving, where the driver masters the art of staying focused, avoiding distractions, staying alert and keeping an eye out for sudden changes. When the driver is behind the wheel, they have to pay attention to everything and everyone, including motorcycles, bicycles, other vehicles and most importantly, pedestrians. Drivers who operate a vehicle while under the influence inevitably put everyone at risk, especially pedestrians. Impaired drivers might not pay attention to stop signs, yield signs or school zone signs, risking the lives of others. If you suspect that a driver might be impaired, call 911 immediately to minimize the danger and avoid crossing the road.

Bad Weather

Snow, rain or hail can be hazardous for everyone on the road as drivers find it extremely difficult to stop in time on a slippery road. When crossing the road during bad weather, always make sure that the cars have come to a complete stop before you cross. The rain or snow on the road can decrease the friction between the wheels of the vehicle, making it challenging for drivers to have complete control of their stopping time. The ice can sometimes even cause cars to jump the curb, so it’s best to avoid walking close to the curb during bad weather.

How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents:

Never Assume The Driver Is Paying Attention

In North America, pedestrians have the right of way in almost all traffic situations; however, that does not mean drivers are always looking for pedestrians. Don’t entirely depend on drivers to practice defensive driving; make sure that you are also practicing defensive walking as a pedestrian. If you have the right of way, look both ways and make sure the road is clear before you cross, even at designated crosswalks.

Use Designated Crosswalk 

The purpose of designated crosswalks is to inform drivers that pedestrians might be crossing the road and notify them to slow down or stop. If you decide to cross the road where a designated crosswalk is unavailable, you risk the possibility of getting into a pedestrian accident. As long as there aren’t any pedestrian crosswalk signs on the side of the road, drivers aren’t expecting to see pedestrians; therefore, their stop time might be slow and result in an unintentional collision. 

Be Prepared For The Worst Case Scenario

Don’t assume that car drivers, motorcyclists or cyclists follow the rules. It’s not worth getting into a heated argument over the legality of crossing the street when doing so could result in being hit by a vehicle. Look out for yourself when crossing the road and assume that the drivers can run through red lights and stop signs, so be prepared to take the necessary precautionary measures. 

What to do if You’re a Victim of a Pedestrian Accident?

Visit A Medical Center

Before settling your claim with insurance companies or calling a pedestrian accident lawyer, you must seek medical attention even if your injuries seem minor. Unlike a car accident where you are surrounded by metal and airbags to cushion the blow, you have no form of safety when you’re a pedestrian involved in an accident. Therefore, the first step you should take after an accident is to seek medical attention for your injuries. Whether you decide to visit your family physician or go to the emergency room, you must get your injuries checked out. 

Document Damages and Changes in Your Life

If your injuries are major, your healthcare provider will request multiple tests, including X-rays, blood tests or CT scans, to start the proper treatment. Make sure you keep track of all the requests, test results and prescriptions to assess your injuries and help you request the compensation that can fully cover the injuries you have sustained. If your injuries are minor, you should keep track of any damages or changes that resulted from the accident. The damages don’t necessarily have to be physical; they can be lost work days, out-of-pocket expenses, recurring nightmares or other psychological damages. Keep a journal to write down all the damages and changes that happened as a result of the accident, as it’ll help you build a stronger case. 

Speak With A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer 

A pedestrian accident lawyer, also known as a personal injury lawyer, will help you attain justice and receive the compensation you deserve after the accident. It’s imperative to know that getting calls from insurance companies does not mean they’re trying to fairly settle your claim; they’re trying to avoid paying you the compensation you deserve and minimize their losses as much as possible. Instead of settling your claim with the insurance company, contact a team of experienced injury lawyers to help you receive your rightful compensation. 

Looking for a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

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