What Are The Steps in a Personal Injury Case When Hiring James H. Brown and Associates?

Every law firm has different steps when taking on a personal injury case. In fact, some law firms even avoid certain steps in the process as they are not fully equipped to approach them confidently. Below are the six steps we believe every personal injury lawyer should take and what you can expect when processing your injury case at James H. Brown and Associates.

1. Injury Claim Evaluation

Our first step when processing a personal injury case is offering you a free, no- obligation injury claim evaluation with one of our precedent-setting injury lawyers. To carefully evaluate your claim, we ask you detailed questions about the collision, inquire about any injuries sustained and help you determine if retaining an injury lawyer is the right course of action for your case. Before moving on to any further steps, your lawyer will strongly advise you to visit your doctor right away if you haven’t already done so, and address your injuries to avoid the possibility of any long-term damage. 

2. Document Damages and Injuries

After the initial consultation, your lawyer will help you to gather the following documents from your medical providers:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Doctor’s Requests 
  • Test Results
  • Prescriptions 

And to gather as many of the following documents as you can:

  • Photos of damages to your car
  • Proof that this accident has caused you to miss work, lose income, etc. 
  • Evidence that this accident has affected your physical ability to perform daily activities
  • Police Report

These documents will help your lawyer accurately assess your injuries and ensure that you receive fair compensation for the injuries and damages you have sustained. 

3. Gather Evidence

Once your lawyer has helped gather all the documents about your accident, James H. Brown and Associates begin their own investigation. In addition to the documents you have provided, our team of lawyers will start working with a team of analysts, investigators and economists to gather more evidence that will further support your claim. Our team will compile evidence through dashcams, CCTVs and witnesses present at the accident to help build a strong case. 

4. Negotiate With the Insurance Company

The next step in your personal injury claim is negotiating with insurance companies. Your lawyer will begin contacting the other party’s insurance company and negotiate with them to secure a fair settlement. During the initial negotiation, your lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and exhaust every possible way to secure a complete and fair compensation. In the case where your lawyer believes that you are not presented with a fair settlement, they will discuss with you the option of going to trial. 

5. Pre-Trial Questioning and Mediation

At James H. Brown and Associates, we are 100% dedicated to ensuring that you receive the rightful compensation you deserve, even if we have to take your case to trial. We understand that taking a case to trial can be lengthy; however, we are experienced and prepared for all the steps of a trial process. During the negotiations with the insurance company, your injury lawyer will also be preparing to go to trial by gathering the evidence needed and filing documentation with the Courts.

If you decide to go to trial, you might be asked a series of questions before the trial to assess the strength of the case, your credibility and entitlement to damages. During the pre-trial step, your lawyer might recommend mediation or a Judicial Settlement Conference to settle your case out of court and negotiate a fair settlement, with the presence of a neutral third party or a judge, one last time. 

6. Trial

In some cases, insurance companies are reluctant to present you with a fair settlement and try to stall for as long as they can; in this case, your injury lawyer will not give up on fighting for your rightful claim and proceed to go to trial. At James H.Brown and Associates, our lawyers have over 250 years of combined injury law experience, including many years of trial experience. Unfortunately, not all injury lawyers have the necessary expertise and resources to take your case to court, which is why our team includes multiple lawyers with a proven record of success in taking accident injury cases to trial

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