What Are The Steps Of A Car Accident Injury Claim Process?

Have you recently been involved in a car accident and you’re wondering what should be done next? Read on to learn more about the process of filing a car accident injury claim

Seek Medical Attention

After reporting the collision to the police, you must seek immediate medical attention. Car accident victims often undermine the severity of their injuries after a minor collision thinking that no harm has been done. Unfortunately, even minor car accidents can cause serious injuries such as:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal Cord Injuries 
  • Back Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injuries 

Before starting any legal steps, make sure to monitor your symptoms and visit the emergency room or your family physician to address any injuries thoroughly. During your doctor’s visit, document all your injuries, your symptoms and test results to help strengthen your claim

Initial Evaluation Claim 

The stress and anxiety of experiencing a car accident can cause you to feel overwhelmed and lost. As you start your medical treatment, you might begin to feel swamped and unsure as to what your next steps should be. 

After ensuring that you or your loved one are receiving the medical treatment they need, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer to help determine the best course of action. During the initial evaluation claim, your personal injury lawyer will give you legal advice and help you decide whether or not you have a case and if it’s worth filing a claim. James H. Brown and Associates will offer you a free, no-obligation evaluation claim to help you decide if you should retain an injury lawyer and what type of evidence you will need to strengthen your case. By hiring one of our experienced personal injury lawyers, you will be able to fully focus on your or your loved one’s recovery while we fight for your rightful compensation.

An investigation by Our Lawyers

After retaining an experienced James H. Brown and Associates injury lawyer, they will start to investigate your case. In addition to the medical documentation you have gathered, our lawyers will also ask you for a police report (if there is one) and pictures or videos of the accident. You can also provide the necessary documentation stating that your injuries were severe and caused you to miss work or lose income. Our team also works with specialists and experts to gather the required evidence needed to support your case. 

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

The final step of the car accident injury claim process is where our lawyers begin negotiations with the other party’s insurance company. During this stage, your injury lawyer will start the process of securing your settlement by discussing and negotiating with the insurance company. 

While the negotiating stage might seem simple, it is, in fact, extremely challenging. You see, the goal of most insurance companies is to maximize their profits and paying out premiums limits their profits. To avoid falling victim to unjust settlements, hire James H. Brown and Associates, as they can ensure that your rights are fully protected and help you receive fair compensation. 

James H. Brown and Associates are Determined To Bring You Justice

Unlike other personal injury law firms, James H. Brown and Associates is ready to take your case to court if necessary. Sometimes during the negotiation stage, the insurance company is reluctant to offer you the compensation you deserve, which is when our lawyers prepare to go to trial. 

Pre-trial preparation

Throughout the negotiation stage, our team will start preparing to go to trial if needed. Sometimes, insurance companies might stall or might refuse to offer the rightful settlement. If that does occur, your personal injury lawyer will be ready to take the next steps immediately. 

During the pre-trial preparation, your injury lawyer will file the necessary documentation with the Courts and set up Questioning. This might require the plaintiff to answer a series of questions to assess the strength of the case, their credibility and entitlement to the damages. This is usually the final attempt to settle before going to trial. 


Your injury lawyer will take your case to trial when all other options have ceased to work. If your claim does make it this far, it is imperative for your lawyer to have trial experience and help you navigate through the case. Since it’s uncommon for car accident injury claims to go to trial, not every personal injury lawyer has attained trial experience. At James H. Brown and Associates, our team of injury lawyers have a proven record of success taking car accident injury claims to court. 

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