What Does Free Consultation Really Mean?

When you’re looking for Edmonton Lawyers with free consultations, James H. Brown & Associates should be at the top of your list when it comes to your personal injury needs. We have been practicing personal injury law for over 25 years and are Alberta’s precedent-setting lawyers. At this firm, we value making an impact on people’s lives and helping them when they are facing some of the most difficult obstacles in their lives to date. Everything from how we operate, how we interact with clients, to even our initial sign-up process is predicated on serving the needs of Albertans and fighting for the compensation that our clients deserve.

Free Consultation Process – Education

But you may be asking why we offer free consultations? The answer is that the consultation process allows our clients to learn about what it takes to build a strong case, the key thing is ensuring they are going for proper treatments and following the recommendations of their medical professionals. This can be a long process, often times the road to recovery is filled with obstacles and injured parties may reach a point where they begin to face a plateau in their recovery. The consultation process makes clients aware of what the process looks like, gives them a sense of what level of involvement is required of them in a case, and gives them tips to ensure their case has a solid foundation to stand on.

Free Consultation Process – Collecting Necessary Information

Our free consultations further serve to pull out more details about the case. We want to evaluate your case and ensure there’s nothing that may impede your ability to bring a good claim. That is we want to ensure that we can assist you in getting compensation before we proceed with your case.

Free Consultation Process – Meet Your Lawyer

The free consultation additionally works to introduce the client to the lawyer. The lawyer-client relationship is built on trust. Trust is the foundation of the relationship and getting a proper introduction to the lawyer who will be working on your file into the future is key to establishing proper rapport. We want you to feel comfortable with your lawyer and like your lawyer is someone that you can talk to. This is important as being candid with your lawyer is key to your lawyer’s ability to properly evaluate the options in your case. Your lawyer needs to be privy to all information to properly evaluate your best course of action.

Free Consultation Process – Answering Your Questions

Furthermore, the free consultation provides an avenue for clients to ask any questions that may occur to them. Dealing with the legal system can be a strange and unfamiliar process to many people, it’s not exactly a straightforward process. Clients frequently have legal questions about how a case operates, how are damages calculated, what their rights are, how fault is determined, and whether there are any obstacles in their case. The free consultation serves to respond to these concerns and ensure that the client is fully informed prior to proceeding with their lawsuit.

Are You Ready For Your Free Consultation? Call James H. Brown and Associates Today!

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are searching for Edmonton Lawyers who offer Free Consultations, call us today. We want to hear your story, we want to hear about how this accident has changed your life and we want to fight tirelessly for you. We take pride in fighting to correct injustice and working to get our clients the compensation that they deserve for the injuries that have altered their lives. There is no obligation or fee for your consultation, and it can be done in-person, via phone, or by video conference.

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