What To Do After A Car Accident In Edmonton

Edmonton’s streets are getting busier by the day as students are going back to school. Many of us commute back and forth to work or school and get stuck in traffic. Whether you take the Henday, Yellowhead or Whitemud, you’re bound to exercise more caution to navigate the busy streets safely during rush hour. Even when doing your best to drive safely during your commute, you might experience a serious car accident that could change your life. If you or your loved one has been recently involved in a serious car accident, you should strongly consider hiring an injury law team to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Read on to find out what steps you should take if you or a loved one are a victim of a car accident in Edmonton. 

What To Do After A Car Accident In Edmonton

Taking legal action is only one of the steps to protect your rights after a car accident. It’s important to take the rest of the following steps to ensure that you and your family members receive the compensation you deserve: 

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention As Soon As Possible 

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of seeking immediate medical attention after any car accident. Throughout our years of practicing injury law in Edmonton, James H. Brown and Associates have worked with many car accident victims who underestimated their injuries, only to find out too late that their injuries are more severe than they had initially thought. No matter how “minor” you might think the car accident is, you must seek immediate medical attention. Nothing is more important than making sure your injuries are addressed and treated immediately after any car accident. 

Step 2: Document Everything

Every piece of document you manage to get right after your accident is vital. After reporting the accident to the police, make sure to keep a detailed record of any of the following, as they will help strengthen your case: 

  • Pictures of the damages done to the car 
  • Videos of the scene of the accident
  • Information you exchanged with the driver
  • Doctor’s prescription
  • Medical notes 
  • Test results
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Changes caused by the accident 

An easy way to keep track of any changes is to keep a daily journal where you write down anything related to the accident or caused by the accident. This information is vital to your case and will help prove that your injuries are not only directly correlated to the car accident but that they’ve also heavily impacted your life. 

Step 3: Talk To An Injury Lawyer Based In Edmonton

You might wonder, “Do I really have to talk to an injury lawyer in Edmonton? Aren’t all injury lawyers the same?” The answer is not quite. While all injury lawyers can practice personal injury law in any province, they don’t necessarily know the rules and regulations of motor vehicle accident law in Alberta. Unlike other provinces, Alberta’s motor vehicle accident law is quite complex and requires an injury lawyer with Albertan experience. Additionally, as personal injury law is an ever-changing practice, you will benefit significantly when you hire an Edmonton-based personal injury law firm as they are more familiar with the changes and how to handle them. With our headquarters in Edmonton, James H. Brown and Associates has represented thousands of Edmontonians and helped them to secure fair compensation for their injuries. Our team has over 250 years of combined personal injury law experience in Alberta.  

Looking For An Injury Lawyer in Edmonton?

Contact James H. Brown and Associates today to book a free, no-obligation evaluation claim. Our team is available to meet with you in person, over the phone, at the hospital or through an online video call. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they secure compensation for their short and long-term needs. Call us today at (780) 428-0088! 

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