When Is Switching Lawyers The Answer?

Switching lawyers is something that isn’t discussed often in personal injury law. Sometimes plaintiffs in a personal injury action one might wonder if they can switch lawyers? The answer is that they absolutely can, and sometimes this is the best course of action. Effective legal representation is key to getting the compensation you deserve, and you should not be afraid to change counsel when this is necessary. But you should also ask if this is the best course of action prior to proceeding.

How To Go About Switching Lawyers

You should first ask what it is that your lawyer has done that has made you want to switch. Perhaps your lawyer failed to ask the defendant something at questioning, or perhaps you do not like a procedural step that they have taken. In considering whether to switch you should sit down and have a level-headed discussion with your lawyer. Sometimes what on the surface appear to be lapses may be strategic choices to get you the compensation that you deserve. Speaking to your lawyer about the situation can help you contextualize it and may serve to allay your concerns. It’s possible that your lawyer may be trying to think in the big picture.

Time To Switch Lawyers

However, that said, there are certainly times where switching may be the best course of action. We hear horror stories from time to time from people who have been mistreated by their lawyers or have had lawyers that failed to claim something that you are entitled to pursue. Perhaps the lawyer has undervalued your claim or perhaps the lawyer is ignorant of the law, both of which can dramatically harm your ability to recover the compensation that is supposed to assist you in coping with the struggles that your injuries have presented you. Learn more about switching lawyers here.

Unrivalled Results

Results matter when it comes to serious injuries. When you’re pursuing legal action after an accident, nothing is more important than securing compensation for your short and long-term needs.

James H. Brown and Associates has proudly helped clients in Edmonton and across Alberta secure comprehensive settlements for their injuries, including numerous precedent-setting cases that continue to set the standard in Alberta injury law. Today, our team is ready to keep fighting for the rights of injured Edmontonians and helping them move forward after a serious accident.

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*Results vary according to the facts in each case. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured?

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