Class Action Lawsuits

The Truth About Class-Action Lawsuits

You've probably seen the commercials. The ones where some far-flung American law firm is talking about how "you might be entitled to compensation if you're experiencing horrible consequences from some company's malpractice" in the middle of your afternoon TV show. The truth is, most Canadian class actions aren't nearly as bizarre and horrifying. Nonetheless, they are an important (if often misunderstood) part of Canada's legal system. Perhaps because of these commercials (and occasionally the reputation of the law firms who create them), some people think of class actions as some sort of a "cash-grabbing" scheme, or a way for less-than-honest [...]


Class-Action Lawsuits with James H. Brown

Class-action lawsuits help hold corporations accountable to society. They allow groups of individuals to pursue justice and compensation from companies and other legal entities for their harmful and negligent actions. A successful class-action suit can also draw attention to a company's harmful practices, forcing them to change their behaviour while setting precedents that protect future individuals. Since 1993, James H. Brown and Associates has built its reputation on standing up for the little guy, becoming one of the leading injury law firms in Western Canada. Today, our team of experienced lawyers has become a leader in class-action lawsuits in Alberta, [...]


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