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When a person’s future is at stake only one thing matters – recovering sufficient funds to fully compensate them for their injuries and to provide for their lifelong needs. James H. Brown and Associates is very proud that our clients have received some of the largest multi-million dollar motor vehicle accident injury settlements ever in Alberta, including Alberta’s largest spinal cord injury settlement. When it comes to representing seriously injured persons the James H. Brown legal team is second to none. We invite you to compare our results with those of any other law firm.

James H. Brown’s commitment to seriously injured persons and their families comes from first hand experience. He knows what it’s like to suffer a life-changing injury in a serious car accident and to spend a year in a wheelchair. Over the years Brown has handpicked a team of experienced professionals committed to seeing that seriously injured persons receive proper compensation for their injuries. Many of our catastrophically injured clients have received multi-million dollar settlements some of which have been the largest settlements ever achieved in Alberta for that specific type of injury. “Money can’t take away the hurt”, says Brown, “but it can help a person to rebuild his or her life.”

We Get Results

When we say “We Get Results” it’s not an empty slogan. We really have achieved many multimillion-dollar settlements for our clients. See some of our recent large settlements below.

Note: Results vary according to the facts in each case.
Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.

In addition to Alberta’s leading spinal cord and brain injury settlements our professional legal team has established precedents in cases involving brain injury, whiplash, chronic pain TMJ injury and fibromyalgia.

A serious spinal cord injury changed my life forever. Paralyzed and on life support in intensive care, my family knew I would need professional legal help immediately. After interviewing several lawyers, they chose James H. Brown & Associates who, in addition to providing for my family’s needs while I was hospitalized, assisted me financially & emotionally throughout my rehabilitation. Due to the professional legal representation of James H. Brown & Associates my case was resolved sooner than I expected leaving me with sufficient funds to provide for my lifelong needs.
– K.G.

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