Our James H. Brown Injury Lawyers support various community groups around the city, providing essential resources to uplift and build awareness of their initiatives. Our approach to community engagement is not just about providing financial assistance; it’s about fostering lasting positive change and building stronger, more resilient communities. 


Through our local sponsorships, we actively engage with prominent organizations that play pivotal roles in the community’s growth

Whether it’s partnering with all of our beloved sports teams like the Oilers, Oil Kings, Stingers, Riverhawks and Elks, or contributing to the success of local fundraising events, our intention is clear – to fortify and uplift the city we call home.

These sponsorships aren’t just about adding logos to our page; they’re about fostering a sense of community pride and unity. From major partnerships to minor contributions, each sponsorship initiative is a testament to our dedication to building a city that thrives together.

“Nothing feels better than being able to give back to a community that’s given us so much.” 

-Trent Brown



Discover the strategic focal points guiding our sponsorship initiatives at James H. Brown.

Edmonton oilers

James H. Brown is honoured to be a Partner of the Edmonton Oilers. We work on plenty of community initiatives together, donating tickets and signed jerseys to help raise funds at events, all while standing alongside a team that embodies the values of dedication and excellence both on and off the ice.


Proud sponsors of the Edmonton Elks, James H. Brown is committed to supporting the team’s endeavors, reflecting our shared dedication to achievement and community engagement. Every Elks game, Trent donates the James H. Brown Champions Suite to provide a group of kids an experience of a lifetime. For Trent, being an Alumni of the Elks team is about more than just having been a player; it’s about being part of a larger community that spans generations and continues to foster a love for the sport.


As a proud sponsor of the Edmonton Riverhawks, James H. Brown embraces the spirit of competition and community, aligning our commitment to legal excellence with the team’s pursuit of success.


With immense pride, James H. Brown champions the Edmonton Stingers as a devoted sponsor. Our collaboration symbolizes a harmonious pursuit of excellence, teamwork, and triumph.


James H. Brown stands as a dedicated sponsor of the Oil Kings Edmonton, symbolizing our shared passion for excellence, teamwork, and success in both the legal and sports arenas. James H. Brown is not just Alumni, he is also a lifelong fan of the team!

Community support

Discover the strategic focal points guiding our sponsorship initiatives at James H. Brown. Through their efforts, these Organizations and Foundations not only contribute to immediate healthcare needs but also pave the way for a healthier, more resilient future.



They work tirelessly to gather financial support through donations, grants, and fundraising events. Funding that is essential for purchasing advanced medical equipment, supporting research, and improving patient care facilities.


Glenrose Rehabilitiation Hospital

Donations and support to Glenrose often fund research and development of new medical technologies and treatments. This support is vital for fostering innovation and ensuring that hospitals remain at the forefront of medical science, benefiting the community with cutting-edge care.


Unversity Hospital Foundation

They actively engage with the community to raise awareness about health issues and the needs of the local healthcare system. They organize events, campaigns, and educational programs, which help in building a strong, health-conscious community.

Spinal Cord Injury Canada Logo

Spinal cord injury alberta

Their mission is to empower persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence and full community participation.



Partnerships with MADD are vital for addressing complex legislative challenges and ensuring comprehensive care for victims in the community.



STARS is a lifeline for many of our clients in rural, remote, and indigenous communities across Western Canada.


ARe you an organization looking for help?

James H. Brown is here to potentially assist. Please provide us with the details of your organization and the type of support you are looking for. We’ll carefully review your information and explore potential opportunities for partnership.

Before you submit...

Please keep in mind that James H. Brown actively sponsors a diverse range of groups and organizations within our community. Whether you’re a sports team, charitable organization, educational institution, or part of a local event or festival, we’re here to explore ways we can contribute to your success. 

Your submission is an opportunity for us to better understand your needs, and together, we can discuss how we can be a valuable partner in advancing your mission and initiatives.