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Trent was born and raised in Edmonton. He has been through a fascinating journey transitioning from a successful football career to establishing himself as a prominent figure in the Personal Injury field. He was a natural talent that quickly caught the attention of those that could see the pure passion that he brings to every intention. As he continued to develop in his life and career, he achieved a delicate balance between his family, building the law  firm, mentoring junior lawyers and athletes, all while getting fully involved with local community groups that focus on bettering the lives of those who need it most. 

Trent Brown’s accomplishments as a football player, reflect his strong athletic and leadership background. He was twice named a first team  all– Canadian defensive back with the University of Alberta Golden BearsHe won many awards during his four year collegiate football career and left as the all-time Golden Bear interception leader (a record he still holds).   He went on to play 9 seasons with the Edmonton Eskimo Football team.   Twice he was named the top safety in the CFL and was part of the 1993 Grey Cup-winning team.   His success on the playing field demonstrated his ability to think quickly and perform under pressure. He’s instilled his hard-hitting attitude to the firm, demanding grit, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of justice from his associates and staff. 

After numerous concussions, Trent retired from football in 1999 and decided to pursue a career in law.  He chose to use his personal experience with a serious injury to drive his focus toward personal injury law. His background helped him develop a deeper understanding of the physical and emotional struggles that victims face after getting hurt. 

Trent’s leadership and experience in a team sports informs how he leads and manages his legal team, pushing them to high standards and success. It is emphasized by the importance he puts on teamwork, a shared vision, and relentless dedication to achieving record results for their clients.  

Trent has assembled a group of individuals with a range of expertise.  His team leads the personal injury industry in experience and results boasting over 200 years of combined experience in assisting seriously injured Albertans and their families and millions in settlements every month.  

“Leading an all-star team means building upon each other’s strengths to serve our fellow injured Albertans. Our clients deserve top-notch support, plain and simple. I know our team of injury lawyers is committed to standing up for our clients’ rights and securing compensation for their injuries.”

Championship history

Trent’s family’s sports history is incredibly rich and illustrious, spanning multiple generations and encompassing various achievements in Canadian sports. All three generations of Trent’s family have been inducted into Albertan Sports Halls-of-Fame(s) underlining the significant impact and lasting legacy the family has had on the sports community in the region.  

The resilience, success, and commitment to sports and overcoming adversities are evident throughout Trent’s generational history. The legacy his family leaves has not only made a mark across the province but also played a role in shaping the values and commitments of his family and firm, culminating in the establishment of a reputable law firm dedicated to helping those affected by injuries. 

The championship history served as the catalyst for establishing the values of the law firm as Trent continues the family’s tradition of excellence in sports and success in business.  


The commitment to philanthropy and giving back to the community, established by James H. Brown has been continued and expanded even further by Trent. James H. Brown & Associates has built a legacy by becoming part of the fabric of the community in Northern Alberta. The dedication to supporting numerous local charities and non-profit organizations reflects a deep-rooted belief in community service and social responsibility. Trent’s passion is ignited through his desire to give more than he gets. 

The significant financial contributions distinguish James H. Brown & Associates from other personal injury law firms and have made a tangible impact on various organizations and initiatives. By supporting a diverse range of causes such as The Brain Care Center, The Canadian Paraplegic Association, Rehabilitation Hospitals, Multicultural Centers, homelessness relief programs, youth initiatives, and hundreds of others, the firm has touched and improved the lives of many Albertans and enhanced the communities they live in. 

Trent especially likes to get with initiatives that support women, children, and marginalized groups. His commitment to making a difference in the lives of everyday Albertans and marginalized communities is a testament to the power that an individual has to bring about meaningful change in their community. Through his magnetic personality and unwavering devotion to bettering others, his influence inspires others to follow in his footsteps. 

Trent’s ongoing work with people struggling with adversity in their lives is commendable. He brings his own experiences to life when he speaks at  hospitals, institutions, and treatment centres, sharing anecdotes that foster strength and hope. If one gets the privilege of observing Trent’s generosity first-hand, seeing the time and tireless effort that he puts into helping others is inspiring. He remains a vibrant part of the fabric of our community, a driving force to doing things a better way, with a bigger impact and a larger reach. 

2024 Canadian Bar Association Distinguished Service Award Nominee

2024 National Philanthropy Award Recipient




Trent is a dedicated family manTogether with his wife Erin Lightning they have three little girlsBrooklynn, Riley and MeadowThey keep him very busy when he is away form the office. His dedication to his family shines through in the activities and the quality moments he shares with themThey live a vibrant and adventurous lifestyle doing many activities including hiking, skiing, and travelingThe joy and love Trent finds in his family is evident, he’s able to find a balance allowing his professional achievements to coexist with the priceless moments and connections made with family.


I am determined to defend my clients’ interests with the same zeal and ferocity that made me a CFL champion. You can expect my competitive nature and winning attitude to shine through when you work with me. I use my firsthand experience to connect with my clients, understand their injuries, and support them through this challenging time. No case is too complex, and I know my award-winning team can manage any challenges that may get thrown their way. I am committed to standing up for the rights of injured Albertans and securing fair compensation for their injuries.


  • Member of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association.
  • Member of the Law Society of Alberta.


During my time in the CFL, I was the honorary spokesman for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Edmonton. I also supported the Eskimos Stay in School initiative, the Ronald McDonald House, United Way, the Carnival of Champions, Alex Taylor Community School, DARE, and Kids with Cancer. As an Alberta Golden Bear and Edmonton Football Club Alumni, I support my community in and outside the law court. With numerous opportunities presented through the James H. Brown and Associates firm, I strongly encourage my team and others to support their communities in whatever way possible.