We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Win

James H. Brown and Associates accepts accident injury clients on contingency-based fee agreements. That means you don’t pay upfront; we’ll happily cover the costs of gathering evidence, getting expert opinions from specialists, or anything else required to build a successful claim for the compensation you deserve.

We understand firsthand that serious injury often leads to serious financial stress. Working on contingency allows accident victims and their families to focus solely on recovery while our experienced injury lawyers work to build your case.

If no funds are recovered, we won’t charge you anything. We’re confident that our vast experience with personal injury litigation will get you the results you need; if it doesn’t, you won’t pay.

Our contingency fees for personal injury cases range between 25% and 35%, depending on your case’s specific circumstances and the scope of litigation proceedings.

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We will not charge you unless your case is successful.

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How It Works


Free, No-Obligation Injury Evaluations.

Serious injuries are stressful enough; financial concerns shouldn’t stop anyone from pursuing the justice they deserve. That’s why we offer no-charge injury evaluations to make getting started fast and easy for accident victims and their families.


No Retainer Fees.

Some cases are more complex than others; that expense shouldn’t be passed on to accident victims and their families. With our contingency fee agreement, you won’t be charged until the case is successfully resolved.


No Fees Until You Win.

We don’t get paid unless you do. If, at the conclusion of your case, no funds are recovered on your behalf, you pay us nothing.

James H. Brown and Associates’ Cap Guarantee

In Alberta, the Minor Injury Regulations and the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols limit (or “cap”) the amount of compensation a person can receive for “pain and suffering” damages in accident settlements involving minor injuries. However, the Cap only limits “pain and suffering” damages; it does not limit other compensation accident victims can receive. For example, loss of income, inability to perform essential tasks, and long-term care expenses aren’t limited by the Cap.

Since 1993, James H. Brown and Associates has successfully settled hundreds of soft tissue and whiplash cases while securing clients complete compensation for their injuries. Today, we offer our Cap Guarantee; if the damages you receive from your accident settlement are limited to “pain and suffering” and restricted by the Cap, we waive our fees.