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Brain Injury Lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta

Every year James H. Brown and Associates represents numerous individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Sometimes the TBI is catastrophic and life-changing. In other cases, the individual is able to return to their activities.

Our firm is a leader in brain injury litigation having achieved multi-million dollar brain injury settlements in Alberta. We spare no expense to fully investigate the accident. We act quickly to retain neuropsychologists and other top medical experts to assess the injury and the impact upon our client’s life. Other experts such as functional capacity experts, occupational therapists, cost of care assessors, and economists are retained to fully evaluate the client’s claim. Having access to experts to calculate such things as past and future loss of income and future cost of care, is critical to achieving the largest settlement possible.

The experienced Alberta brain injury lawyers at James H. Brown and Associates understand the seriousness and complexity of traumatic brain injuries. They are committed to seeing that everything possible is done to assist our clients to recover as much of their pre-accident functional capacity as possible.

James H. Brown and Associates is a major supporter of the Brain Care Centre (formerly NABIS), an organization that provides information, support, and assistance to those suffering from traumatic brain injury. James H. Brown and Associates donated funds to start the brain care center telephone helpline.

Our brain injury lawyers practice all over Alberta; more specifically in Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Calgary, and Camrose. No matter your city of residence in the province of Alberta, our attorneys at James H. Brown will be able to assist you in your brain injury settlement.


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