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Soft tissue injuries can be extremely debilitating. While some are fortunate enough to recover quickly, many soft tissue injuries result in chronic pain or even life-long permanent disability.

In Alberta, many whiplash injuries fall under the Minor Injury Regulations and the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols, which collectively “Cap” or limit general damages for Grade I and II strains, sprains and whiplash (WAD) injuries suffered as a result of a motor vehicle accident. In November 2020, the Alberta Government expanded the definition of “minor injury” to include “any clinically associated sequelae of the sprain, strain or WAD injury, whether physical or psychological in nature, caused by the accident that does not result in a serious impairment.” Injuries from non-motor vehicle accidents are not capped.

For accidents occurring on or after January 1, 2021, the minor injury cap for whiplash injuries in Alberta is $5365. This cap may be adjusted over time to account for inflation.

Alberta motor vehicle accident law is becoming increasingly complex, with Alberta lawmakers continuing to change how whiplash injuries will be handled in court. Do not rely on what insurance companies tell you without first obtaining legal advice. The best way to protect yourself and your family after a whiplash injury is to work with a team of experienced medical and legal professionals.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious soft tissue injury or whiplash injury, contact James H. Brown and Associates to arrange a free consultation, or fill out the form above. With over 200 years of combined experience and a proven record of success, our team is ready to stand up for your rights and help you attain justice.


  • We don't require the exact address/location at this point, we just need to learn which city/province you were injured in. (NOTE: Any injuries occurring outside of Canada are out of our jurisdiction and you will be required to seek legal advice in that country/state/jurisdiction.)
  • This is important because most injury claims must be filed by a certain date. This is known as a limitation date and it ranges from 1 month to 2 years, depending on the circumstances of your case.
    If you were working at the time of your injury/accident it is quite likely that your matter will be handled by workers' compensation (wcb).
  • Please provide us with a short explanation of how your injury occurred and why you feel the other party was at fault.
    If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please provide us with as much detail as possible about what the doctor/health provider told you.
    This information is critical in determining whether or not your injury is subject to the minor injury regulations (aka "The cap"). If you are experiencing injuries outside the minor injury regulation protocol it is crucial that you are properly assessed by a qualified medial professional as soon as possible.
    If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please provide the details about how this injury has affected your income or ability to earn income.
    If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please provide the details of that early injury.
  • Use this space to provide any additional information you feel may be relevant to your case. Feel free to ask questions here as well.
  • Max. file size: 1 GB.
    If you have any photos of your injuries (or damage to your vehicle) you can upload them here to give us a better appreciation of your circumstance (optional - max 20 mb file).


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