Hit and Run Accidents in Edmonton: Steps to Take for a Successful Personal Injury Claim

Hit-and-run accidents can be devastating, leaving victims and their loved ones feeling helpless and unsure about their legal options. If you or a family member is caught in such a situation in Edmonton, understanding the actions you should take to ensure your well-being and establish a strong personal injury claim becomes paramount.

Next, we will guide you through the necessary actions to protect your rights and seek compensation after a hit-and-run accident. In addition, we will also cover how seeking legal assistance from professionals like James H. Brown and Associates can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining a favourable outcome. Continue reading to find out more!

Ensure Your Safety and Seek Medical Attention

Following a hit-and-run accident, your health and well-being should be your top priority. Check yourself and any passengers for injuries, and call emergency services for immediate medical attention. Don’t hesitate to have a medical professional look over your injuries, as they will be able to diagnose and address injuries you may be unaware of. Moreover, addressing your injuries as soon as possible protects your health and establishes a crucial link between your motor vehicle accident and your subsequent medical treatment. 

Report the Incident to the Police

As soon as possible after your hit-and-run accident, contact the Edmonton Police Service (EPS). Provide them with all the relevant details of the incident, including the date, time, location, and description of the other vehicle(s) involved. If there were any witnesses, collect their contact information. An official police report and eyewitness accounts will serve as essential evidence for your personal injury claim.

Document the Scene and Gather Evidence

While waiting for the EPS and emergency services to arrive, if you are physically able, try to collect as much evidence from the hit-and-run scene as possible. Take pictures or videos of your vehicle’s damage, any visible injuries, skid marks, property damage, and debris.

In addition, after a medical professional has looked at you, maintain a journal documenting how the hit-and-run has impacted your work, household activities and mental health. Keep track of any additional damages, including lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and any receipts or quotes from costs directly related to your accident. No detail is too minor.The more evidence you can gather, the stronger your personal injury case will be when seeking compensation. 

Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

Seeking legal representation is crucial for attaining the compensation you need in a hit-and-run case. A personal injury lawyer, such as those at James H. Brown and Associates, can navigate the complex legal process on your behalf easily. Our expert team will assess the circumstances of your hit-and-run case in Edmonton, gather additional evidence, and diligently protect your rights.

Moreover, our team will also liaise with insurance companies, negotiate settlements, and/or represent you in court if necessary. That way, you can rest assured that with James H. Brown and Associates’ highly experienced personal injury lawyers, you can achieve fair compensation for your injuries, property damage, medical expenses, and any other losses incurred due to your accident. 

Get Started on Your Personal Injury Case Today

Being involved in a hit-and-run accident in Edmonton can be unnerving for victims and their loved ones. However, taking the proper steps can help you build a solid personal injury claim, ensuring you attain the compensation you deserve to recover and move forward after your accident.

For over 30 years, James H. Brown and Associates has been standing up for the rights of injured Albertans. By partnering with our award-winning personal injury law firm, you can enhance your chances of a successful resolution and obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to get started on your hit-and-run claim.

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