Injured in a Bus or LRT Accident? Here’s What to Do Next

A motor vehicle accident with a bus or LRT is a traumatizing experience that can bring significant confusion concerning your next steps. Should you sue your City’s transportation department? The bus driver? Did another driver impact your accident? Determining your next steps can be overwhelming for accident victims and their loved ones. James H. Brown and Associates are here to help, since 1993, our team has been helping accident victims and their families receive the care and compensation they need to move on from their accidents. Keep reading to find out what you should do if you or a loved one is in an accident with public transit and how James H. Brown and Associates can help!

1) Seek Medical Attention

Your health is essential; that’s why after a bus or LRT accident, it’s critical that you seek medical attention immediately. Even if your injuries appear to be “minor”, it’s still vital that you have a doctor or medical professional assess. Seeking medical attention is critical for two reasons: First, you may have suffered a severe injury that requires immediate action. The symptoms of serious injuries can take days or even weeks to become noticeable. A medical professional is trained to find and diagnose those injuries quicker and more effectively. Second, many insurance companies have been known to challenge the severity of your injuries if you don’t seek medical attention immediately.

Describe your injuries in as much detail as possible when speaking with your doctor. Your medical provider will document your injuries in their records, which will be used to evaluate your damages during the claim process. There’s no such thing as a too-small detail; the more documentation you have on your injuries, the easier it will be for your bus/ LRT accident lawyer to build you a strong case.

Once you’ve been released from the hospital, follow up on any diagnostic tests and other appointments for your treatment. Diagnostic tests like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs allow your medical provider and legal team greater clarity regarding your injuries and provide substantial documentation about the extent of your injuries. The more accurately your injuries are diagnosed, the easier it will be to prove that your bus or LRT accident caused them, and the easier it will be to start working down the road to recovery. 

2) Document All Damages

While your medical provider will document your physical injuries, it’s essential that you also keep track of any expenses, changes, or damages incurred as a result of your bus or LRT accident. This could include lost wages, medical expenses, physical or emotional suffering, property damage, etc. At James H. Brown and Associates, our bus/ LRT accident lawyers suggest keeping receipts and a detailed record of your damages rather than relying on memory alone. As we mentioned, no detail is too small, and the more information you have, the stronger your bus/ LRT accident case will be.

3) Speak with a Bus/ LRT Accident Lawyer

Once the City is informed of your bus or LRT accident, their representatives will likely contact you to obtain a statement. Never provide a third party with a statement about your accident without first speaking with an experienced bus/ LRT accident lawyer. Once you seek compensation for your injuries, the defendant’s legal team may try using the information in your statement to discredit your claim. If you or a loved one are injured in a bus or LRT accident, it’s critical that you contact a bus/ LRT accident lawyer as soon as possible.

James H. Brown and Associates’ bus / LRT accident lawyers are committed to standing up for your rights and helping you get the proper compensation for your injuries. We will do our best to ensure your case is settled with the best possible outcome. Partnering with an experienced bus / LRT accident lawyer is your best bet in getting the compensation you need to move forward after your accident. 

James H. Brown and Associates: Alberta’s Top Bus/ LRT Accident Lawyers

At James H. Brown and Associates, our bus/ LRT accident lawyers have over 250 years of combined experience standing up for the rights of injured Albertans and their loved ones. Our award-winning team understands firsthand what being injured in an accident is like. We are prepared to fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve. Throughout our years of experience, James H. Brown and Associates understand that no two accidents are alike. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of support and services for our clients, such as the following:

  • An award-winning team of bus/ LRT accident lawyers with an unrivalled record of success.
  • Complete accident investigation services, including evidence preservation, accident reconstruction and more.
  • Access to medical professionals to thoroughly diagnose your injuries, understand their long-term consequences and provide supporting documentation for your case.
  • Strong relationships with local support programs that are committed to your rehabilitation and recovery.
  • And more!

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