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Serious & Catastrophic Injuries

At James H. Brown & Associates, our catastrophic injury lawyers have significant expertise and experience in a wide variety of areas including those listed below. If you or a family member have suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of the wrongful act or negligence of another, you should immediately contact our office for a free consultation with an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer at James H. Brown & Associates today.

What Constitutes a Catastrophic Injury?

In general, a catastrophic injury is defined as a severe injury to the brain, spine, or spinal cord and may also involve fractures of the skull or spinal column. Catastrophic injuries can result directly from the trauma associated with an accident or from complications that arise from the original injury. They are extremely serious injuries because they can often lead to partial or permanent disability and have expensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy needs, which can limit a person’s ability to perform gainful work, causing extensive wage loss and financial burden.

Benefits and Damages Clients are Entitled to After a Catastrophic Injury

Usually, individuals who experience a catastrophic injury are entitled to more substantial benefits and damages than someone who suffers minor injuries in an accident. That is because catastrophic injuries can cause the individual to experience significant difficulties with daily activities. (Para)

Furthermore, depending on the situation in which one sustains a catastrophic injury and the extent of its effects, there can be many other potential costs associated with sustaining a catastrophic injury such as surgery, trauma care (such as a ventilator), rehabilitation, physical therapy, speech therapy, mental health counselling, long-term care, medical equipment such as wheelchairs, and medication.

Because of these extraneous financial burdens resulting from catastrophic injuries, victims of such injuries require considerable compensation for the expenses and losses arising from their situation. James H. Brown and Associates and our team of dedicated catastrophic injury lawyers are committed to ensuring our clients receive the compensation they deserve to continue their lives with the least amount of inconvenience possible.

Activities Commonly Associated with Catastrophic Injuries and Accidents

Although nearly any action could potentially result in a catastrophic injury, there are a select few activities where catastrophic accidents and lingering, detrimental injuries are sustained more often. Incidents such as cycling-motorist accidents, pedestrian-motorist collisions, motor vehicle accidents (which include car accidents, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, heavy trucks, animals, boats, bus, logging trucks, farm equipment, and aircraft) slip and fall accidents, and medical malpractice. Please refer to the categories listed below for more information on catastrophic injuries.

Serious & Catastrophic Injuries

Since 1993, James H. Brown & Associates has specialized in standing up for your rights and attaining justice in personal injury litigation. Today, our personal injury lawyers offer over 250 years of combined experience with Alberta accident injury law, as well as a proven record of success securing compensation for our clients.

If you or a family member have suffered injuries due to an accident, a wrongful act, or negligence, you need a legal team you can trust on your side. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer at James H. Brown & Associates today.

Complete Support for Accident Victims

Over the last thirty years, we’ve learned that every accident is unique; that’s why we offer complete legal services and support for Albertan accident victims, including:

  • Over 200 years of combined injury law experience, including an unrivalled record of success in Alberta courts.
  • Complete accident investigation services, including evidence preservation, accident reconstruction, and more.
  • Multi-disciplinary experts and specialists to fully diagnose your injuries and determine long-term impacts.
  • Strong relationships with Alberta organizations ready to assist with rehabilitation and recovery.
  • And much more!

Our experienced team of personal injury lawyers is ready to stand up for your rights and secure the compensation you and your family deserve, all while supporting you every step of the way.

Contact us today to get started with a free, no-obligation consultati


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