Rental Vehicles and the Standard Endorsement Form 27 (SEF 27)

We receive many questions about the Standard Endorsement Form 27 or SEF 27. Before you rent a vehicle on your holidays or road trip this summer, or just around the city, be sure you have insurance coverage for the rental vehicle and that you understand what is covered. These helpful tips can help you avoid the situation where you are in a car accident or motorcycle accident and do not have insurance coverage for the damage to the rented or borrowed vehicle.

What is Endorsement 27?

An endorsement is additional coverage that you can add to your car insurance policy. The SEF 27 provides coverage for damage to a vehicle that you have rented or borrowed if you are in an at-fault accident. SEF 27 is referred to as the “Legal Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobile Endorsement”. Be sure to read your insurance policy closely to understand the coverage and the deductible. SEF 27 can also be useful when you have a replacement vehicle while your vehicle is getting repaired. You can view the standard SEF 27 endorsement here.

What are the Options for Rental Car Insurance?

When renting a vehicle, you can purchase insurance through the rental car company. Be sure to read the terms of the agreement closely and ask any questions you may have. The agreement typically specifies that only those named in the agreement are allowed to drive the vehicle.

Some credit cards offer coverage for rental vehicles however this coverage may not be automatic. You may have to inform your credit card company before renting the vehicle and you may not have coverage if you do not use your credit card to pay for the rental.

Be sure to read the policy closely and speak with your credit card company to ensure you understand the coverage, as there are often restrictions on who is allowed to drive the rental vehicle, exclusion of certain types of vehicles, limits on the type of damage covered, and limits on the value of the rental vehicle for the coverage to apply. Be sure you understand the coverage and ensure the coverage is sufficient to cover the value of the vehicle that you have rented or borrowed.


Speak to your insurance provider to ensure you have comprehensive coverage to protect you and your family. There are specific exclusions on the SEF 27 Endorsement that you need to understand before you rent a vehicle. Take a few minutes to understand the policy so that you are not left wondering on your vacation, whether or not you have adequate insurance coverage.  

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