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Trials are by far the most glamourized part of law. Books, movies, television shows, even video games are dedicated to high-stakes, high-profile courtroom drama. Even if you’re familiar with the workings of Canada’s justice system, the judge, jury, and lawyers (complete with their fancy robes) may be the first things you imagine when you think of the “legal process.”James H. Brown and Associates has over 250 years of combined experience in injury law, including numerous precedent-setting cases that have gone to trial. As a large, experienced law firm, we have the knowledge and resources to advance our clients’ cases as far as they need to go, ensuring accident victims receive justice and fair compensation for their injuries.Read on to learn more about personal injury trials, as well as how James H. Brown and Associates can help you attain justice after a serious injury.

1. Not Every Personal Injury Case Goes to Trial

With the amount of attention trials get in popular culture, you’d think they were more common in injury law!

Personal injury cases are often settled before going to trial, after meaningful negotiation between the two parties (typically the victim and the defendant’s insurance company). This remains the most common (and preferable) outcome; settlements take less time, allowing victims to secure compensation and move forward with their lives quickly.

However, an increasing number of insurers are adopting aggressive negotiation strategies designed to minimize what they have to pay. Often, these tactics amount to trying to give accident victims a “take it or leave it” offer, where “leaving it” means going to trial and waiting months (if not years) for a settlement.

A big part of a personal injury lawyer’s job is to help accident victims navigate these negotiations. At James H. Brown and Associates, our team has the experience and resources to stand up for our clients’ rights throughout settlement negotiations, with a proven record of success in securing fair compensation.

2. Experience Matters in Personal Injury Trials

Negotiations have failed, the insurance company won’t budge, and it looks like your case is headed to trial. Now what?

With some law firms, this could be the end of the line. Many injury lawyers won’t continue with a case headed to trial because of the required skillset. Jury trial skills are best acquired through participating in trials; When your life and livelihood are on the line, the last thing you want is a legal team that’s “learning on the job,” or even worse, one that will drop your case and refer you to a different lawyer.

There are plenty of injury lawyers in Western Canada, but fewer with experience in civil trials. James H. Brown and Associates’ experienced team includes numerous members of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association, including past President Richard Mallett. Our firm has a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in personal injury trials, and a proven record of setting precedents and getting results when our clients need them the most.

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