What Are Section B Benefits?

Motor vehicle accidents are stressful in and of themselves. When an accident causes injuries, the stress is compounded as accident victims require medical treatment but often do not have the means to pay. This is your auto insurance policy’s Section B benefits can help.

In Alberta, injured parties are not responsible for costs associated with treatment. Under the Automobile Accident Insurance Benefits Regulation, your vehicle insurer is obligated to pay for treatment for up to 2 years after the accident. This is the case even when you are deemed “at fault” for an accident. These benefits are commonly referred to as no-fault “Section B” benefits.

What Is Covered By Section B Benefits?

Under Section B, treatment includes diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing, specialized testing, treatment visits, and therapy. Specific examples are as follows: surgical treatment, chiropractic treatment, dental treatment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, professional nursing and ambulance services, and supplies that are, in the opinion of the injured party’s attending physician, essential for treatment or rehabilitation.     

During the first 90 days post-accident, your auto insurer will be “direct billed” for treatment costs. This means that a physiotherapy or massage clinic will send the bill directly to your insurer who will then remit payment. After 90 days, your insurer is not obligated to accept direct billing. Whether your insurer continues to accept direct billing is a matter of their discretion. Should they refuse direct billing, you will need to cover up-front treatment costs and remit the invoice to your insurer for reimbursement.

Are There Limits to Section B Benefit Coverage?

Please note that there are limits under Section B. Your insurer will not cover treatment costs exceeding $50,000. There are also internal limits with respect to specific types of treatment. For example, chiropractic services are limited to $750 per person, massage therapy is limited to $250 per person, and acupuncture is limited to $250 per person.

Your auto insurer is also obligated to pay treatment costs for all passengers in your vehicle. If you are an injured passenger in a vehicle, treatment is covered by the insurance policy attached to the vehicle you are riding in. For example, if there are 5 injured occupants in a vehicle, there will be 5 separate “no-fault Section B” claims.    

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