Victims Of Abuse

If you or someone you know suffered sexual abuse, help is available. Many people are hesitant to talk about their experience and do not know how to get help. Even if the abuse occurred many years ago, it is not too late to reach out to one of our Personal Injury Lawyers at James H. Brown & Associates. One call to James H. Brown & Associates and we help you understand your options and rights to compensation.

Across Alberta and Canada, the community trusts James H. Brown Injury Lawyers to help them in the most difficult circumstances in their lives. Overcome fear of speaking out by knowing you can trust James H. Brown & Associates to help you seek justice. You will be among the thousands of Canadians who have turned to James H. Brown & Associates for trusted legal representative and experience you can count on.

The sexual abuse may have occurred by a loved one or at a place thought to be safe, such as a school, church or youth group. There is help available. At James H. Brown & Associates, our lawyers have years of litigation experience fighting for the rights of sexual abuse victims and to hold these institutions accountable.

James H. Brown Injury Lawyer’s advocacy for survivors of sexual assault has contributed to changes in the law in Alberta. The Limitations Act, RSA 2000, c L-12 was amended in 2017 to specify there is no limitation period for filing a lawsuit in Alberta for a claim relating to sexual assault or battery. The Limitations Act no longer requires lawsuits for sexual assault to be brought within two years from the date of the assault, meaning survivors of sexual assault can seek justice and compensation years later, at any time they are able and ready to purse legal action.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers are available 24/7 to take your call, text, or email to discuss your legal options. We provide free, confidential, no-obligation consultations so that you understand your rights. If you are in need of immediate assistance to speak with someone for mental health support, health care professionals are available 24/7 by calling 811 (Health Link) in Alberta.

Our dedicated team of lawyers at James H. Brown & Associates have achieved some of the largest personal injury settlements in Alberta for sexual abuse victims, helping people regain their lives. Often the most impactful step toward recovery is knowing you will be heard and believed. However complicated or difficult your situation, we are here to listen. One step is all it takes to your path to recovery. Contact us today.

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